Do you ever stare down a project not knowing where to start? Do you ever look at the clock and wonder how the day got away from you ? Do you ever wish you could spend less time working and more time playing? Me too.

Let me state the obvious… we are a busy bunch of humans. Between work, family, friends, and pets, yard work, soccer games, grocery shopping, and gym class, we are pulled in a hundred different directions each day.  In a constant state of motion, we jump from one activity to the next, and squeeze in as much as possible with the time we have. Here is one more truth bomb: busy isn’t always bad – just think of all the wonderful things you experience each day, each week, each year. With all that said, busy can also be stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting.

Enter I’m Busy Being Awesome – a resource for organization, time management, maximizing productivity, and finding balance. Do I have all the answers? Heck no! I have, however, learned to embrace my Type A personality (more here) and put it to good use. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

At I’m Busy Being Awesome, you will find the posts divided into four broad categories, which I explain below. Make yourself at home, and find what interests you.

Less Mess Less Stress: I don’t know about you, but when I have clean kitchen counters, my closet is not overflowing with clothes, and I can actually see the surface of my desk, I breathe a little easier. Is this always possible? Does this blog offer the magic solution to keeping your house looking like a Pottery Barn catalogue? Nope. Sorry. But it does offer different ways to make organization a little easier. From tips on decluttering your kitchen, to making order out of chaos in your (insert your messiest room here), Less Mess Less Stress is here for you.

Go Big Or Go Home: Goals, no matter how big or small, can be a bit daunting – especially when you’re just starting out. Go Big or Go Home offers tips and tricks on how to confidently tackle your hurdles step by step. Big project due at work? No problem. Trying to get that article written? Let’s map out a timeline. Want to run a 10k? Lace up! Dream big – we’ll get there together.

This Thing Called Life: Sometimes it’s life’s everyday obstacles that slow us down – errands to run, a birthday party to organize, a budget to follow… This Thing Called Life offers suggestions on how to make the most efficient use of your time, energy, and resources, so that you have more time for the fun stuff.

Work Hard Play Hard: I’ll be honest – this is – hands down – my biggest challenge. It is so easy for me to fall into a routine and get swallowed up by the “must do list,” that “time for play” gets pushed aside. I want to let you in on a little secret that has taken me (heck – is STILL taking me) years to discover: play is equally as important. Work Hard Play Hard focuses on finding that balance and helps us remember (or discover) what we like to do when it’s time for fun.