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Effectiveness vs. Efficiency And The ADHD Brain

Efficiency and effectiveness. People often use these words interchangeably and on some level, this makes sense since they both play a key role in maximizing productivity. However, the similarity stops there. In fact, understanding the difference between efficiency and effectiveness is essential. Why? Because recognizing their nuances allows you to approach them in the right order, ultimately helping you save both time and energy. And while math is not my forte, this equation is clear: More Time + More Energy = More fun for YOU Yes, please! So if you’re ready to boost your productivity through both effectiveness and efficiency,

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Procrastiworking, Constraint, RSD, and Overwhelm, an ADHD coaching call

Procrastiworking, Constraint, RSD, and Overwhelm: ADHD coaching call

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m so behind.”  or “there I go again…” Have you ever found yourself spinning in brilliant ideas, struggling to prioritize just one? Has Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) ever kept you from sharing your work with others? And have you ever found yourself frozen in overwhelm, unable to move forward? If you have an ADHD brain, chances are the answer’s a resounding “yes.” And you’re definitely not alone. In episode 165: Procrastiworking, Constraint, RSD, and Overwhelm – an ADHD coaching call, you’ll discover: The different ways procrastiworking, decision-making, RSD, and overwhelm impact our day-to-day lives.

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How do I accept my ADHD diagnosis?

How Do I Accept My ADHD Diagnosis?

The other day I got a question from someone in our busy-awesome community that gave me pause.  He asked, “How did you achieve acceptance of your ADHD diagnosis?” While the question seemed straightforward on the surface…once I sat down to draft my response, the complex layers revealed themselves.  So rather than writing a thesis-length email about my journey toward acceptance of ADHD I thought I’d share my experience on the podcast with our entire community. Because regardless of where you’re at in your ADHD journey, working toward acceptance is critical. This process can happen in many layers – whether you’ve

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How To Create A Flexible Work Schedule With ADHD

For many people with ADHD, having flexible work hours sounds like the winning scenario. We have the freedom to choose when we work, design our ideal schedule, and move things around when surprises happen. And when you think about it, many of us have some version of this flexibility within our day – even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface. Maybe you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur or you work for a company, but the time of day you work doesn’t really matter as long as the work gets done. Perhaps you have a strict 9-5 schedule, but the

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6 Step Planning Routine For Adults with ADHD

While we know planning supports our ADHD, getting ourselves to stick with a planning routine can be an obstacle. We think to ourselves, “How can I create time to plan when everything else seems urgent?” “How can I go through each step when my brain is so distracted?” And “How can I actually remember to plan in the first place? Because seriously…sometimes I simply forget!” If your brain does well with a plan, but it’s challenging to stick with a planning routine, you’re going to love episode 162 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast. We’re exploring six powerful ways

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What is ADHD Masking? Plus, Examples & Solutions

What does it mean to be masking your ADHD? Masking is something that many of us with ADHD do to conceal our symptoms. For example, we might: Overwork to hide that it takes us longer to complete a task. Imitate others’ actions, how they talk, and what they do, in hopes of blending in. Hold in our emotions because we’re afraid they’d be “too much” if people saw how we really felt. We slip into this behavior – either knowingly or unknowingly – with hopes of “fitting” within the neurotypical world. And when you pause to think about it, this

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How to be a better listener as an adult with ADHD

How to Be A Better Listener for Adults with ADHD

“Hey, did you hear me?” “So what do you think we should do?” “Having said all that, what’s your perspective?” Let’s face it; hearing questions like this after you’ve lost focus on a conversation is both cringeworthy and familiar for the ADHD brain.  The ability to focus on and follow conversations is a very real challenge. Our active mind races in a million different directions, and while we genuinely want to stay present, it’s often challenging to maintain our focus for extended periods of time. Fortunately, there are supports we can put in place to help strengthen our listening skills,

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How To Use Friction To Create or Break a Habit

Establishing habits can be a sensitive subject for my ADHD clients. Some people shudder at the idea of sticking to habits because they find the entire process too confining. Others see the benefit of habits and routines, but they doubt their ability to stick with them, believing the stories that they “never stick to anything.” While still others feel inspired by habits, determined to establish all the habits, all perfectly, and all at once. Wherever you fall on the love-hate spectrum of habits, episode 159 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast is one you don’t want to miss. Throughout

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How to Make Task Switching Easier for ADHD Adults

For many adults with ADHD, task switching intentionally from one activity to the next can feel very challenging for the brain, especially when we’re deep in hyperfocus. This may seem counterintuitive when considering the distractibility with ADHD, but the truth is that many of our brains struggle to transition from one project or routine to the next.  For example, maybe you finally reach your flow state on a project at work, but then 3:30 rolls around and it’s time to shift your focus and get the kids from school.  Or perhaps you’re lost in idea generation as you create a

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