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How to Stop Avoiding Your Emotions with ADHD

I’m laying my cards on the table; today I’m going to try and sell you on feeling your uncomfortable feelings.  Yep, really. In episode 152 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast, I’m talking about how to stop avoiding your emotions and why it’s so important to open up to them…all of them.  Even the uncomfortable ones like sadness, anger, and guilt. See? I told you it was a hard sell. But it’s also the secret to the universe.  Tune in now to learn: How to stop avoiding your emotions and instead start feeling them.  Three key reasons why this

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How to Break a Habit of Buffering with ADHD  

Do you have a habit you want to break? Maybe you’re online shopping more than you’d like or you frequently turn to your phone for distraction. Maybe you pour an extra glass or two of wine when things feel overwhelming. Or you find yourself lost in that video game for hours when you can’t bear to think about the tasks on your list. If any of these things sound familiar, Hello! Welcome. You’re in good company. Nothing’s gone wrong here, and there are zero reasons to feel bad about it. It simply means you’re human. AND if you want to

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How To Get Started With Something: Use This Time Management Technique

Do you know those times when you just can’t get started? When your brain desperately searches for something to do other than the thing on your list. And no matter how hard you try to focus, you can’t seem to take the next step? Or what about when you really want to start a new habit or a routine, but your brain offers thoughts like, “what’s the point in trying? I never stick with it anyway…” Sound familiar? I thought so.  These are such common obstacles for the ADHD brain, and in episode 150 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast,

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What Are Executive Functions and How Do They Impact Adults with ADHD?

You know that feeling when your mind’s racing about the tasks on your list, you have no idea how much time you need, and you can’t make a decision about where to start? Yeah? Me too. Complete and utter overwhelm. I’ve found that for myself and my clients, this experience is often the result of our over-taxed executive functions.  Have you ever thought about the impact ADHD has on executive functioning skills in adults? You see, the ADHD brain has an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, and it has fewer neurotransmitters than a neurotypical brain (someone without ADHD). Because of this deficit,

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How to Make Time for Yourself Even When it Seems Impossible

How often does your brain offer you the thought, “I don’t have time to slow down right now.” Or “I’ll rest after I complete [insert astronomically long list of tasks here]. Or “Once I take care of everyone else, then I’ll try to squeeze in some time. Pretty often, right? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. My brain loves those sneaky thoughts, too. But I also know that they aren’t actually serving us. In fact, they’re keeping us on the hamster wheel of doing while denying us what we truly deserve; rest, play, and time for yourself to be. And

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4 Phases of Self Awareness with ADHD

For many ADHD brains, self-awareness is a significant challenge. Also known as metacognition, this executive function helps you go from small to big picture, evaluate your progress, and – essentially – think about your thinking. Because self-awareness proves to be such an obstacle for people with ADHD and ADHD tendencies, it often challenges our performance and follow-through. In episode 147 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast, we explore four key phases of awareness when it comes to learning and developing new skills, and we discuss strategies to strengthen each one. You can listen to the episode above or stream

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10 Prioritization Traps That Keep The ADHD Brain Stuck

Let’s be real, prioritization with an ADHD brain can be quite a challenge. Between our swirling thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, and constant indecision, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves stuck. Our brain tells us things like: Everything is urgent! I want to do it all NOW. I can’t possibly say no. I have no idea what’s most important. As we spin in those swirling thoughts, we often slip into overwhelm, finding ourselves falling for the sneaky prioritization traps that keep us stuck.  Sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place. In episode 146 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome

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how to overcome intrusive thoughts with ADHD

How To Overcome Intrusive Thoughts When You Have ADHD

Releasing intrusive thoughts and practicing self-compassion… sure, it sounds like a lovely idea in theory. But does anyone actually do it?⁣ I often hear different iterations of this question from my clients when I bring up the topic, and it’s a concept that I grapple with, too.⁣ You see, those of us with ADHD brains tend to navigate a lot of perfectionist tendencies.⁣ We hold ourselves to rather unrealistic standards.⁣ And we have a hard time letting situations go when we’ve “messed up” or “dropped the ball.”⁣ Interestingly, I’ve found this is especially true if we have an “off day” after we’ve learned strategies

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3 Ways to Streamline Processes and Simplify Life with ADHD

I love putting the work in to streamline processes and simplify areas in my life. As an ADHDer, it’s played a significant role in helping me be more present and effective in my day-to-day. You see, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to overwhelm and procrastination for the ADHD brain is spinning in uncertainty and unmade decisions.  We feel overwhelmed thinking about all the stuff – both physical clutter and never-ending tasks, projects, and ideas – that we navigate each day. We question whether we’ve made the “right” schedule or created the “best” process to support our forward

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