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5 Reasons The ADHD Brain Struggles With A Short Attention Span

As someone with ADHD, it often seems like I’m battling my short attention span. With so many new ideas and areas to explore, there are times when it’s extra challenging to zoom in and focus on just one thing.  When I pause and think about working with my ADHD, I know one of the most supportive things I can do for my brain is to constrain my focus. I have plenty of evidence that when I store other new ideas in my brilliant ideas list and give myself the opportunity to make measured progress in just one area, that’s when

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What To Do When You’ve Overcommitted Your Schedule

You’ve been there before, right? You have a new idea for a project, and you add it to the list. Someone asks you to participate in an event, and you say yes. A few unexpected curveballs happen at work, and you take them on. Suddenly, your once manageable schedule now demands more time than you have hours in the day. In short, you’ve overcommitted yourself. Let me first normalize this situation; as ADHD brains, this happens, even when we have the best of intentions. And while it can feel challenging to navigate the many demands on our time, it’s possible…

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How To Slow Your Brain Down With ADHD

How To Slow Your Brain Down With ADHD & Why You should Pause

Learning how to slow your brain down with ADHD can be tough, and let’s be honest – the ADHD brain moves incredibly fast. In fact, Ned Hallowell describes people with ADHD as having a Ferrari engine with bicycle breaks. And I think this description is spot on. Now, our speed and impulsivity aren’t inherently problems. They can fuel our creative idea generation and support our ability to act under pressure. But in other situations, they also leave us spinning over past events, ruminating in the shoulda woulda couldas… So what can we do? How can we pause that impulse? Is

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Task Initiation, Boredom, and ADHD

Raise your hand if you’ve ever hit a roadblock with one (or more!) of the following… Is your hand in the air yet? 🙋🏻‍♀️ If so, welcome. You’re in good company. What’s more, I think you’re going to love episode 181 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast because I’m sharing a look behind the scenes of a We’re Busy Being Awesome group coaching call. You’ll hear us discuss each of the above roadblocks and learn how to support your brain through them. So if you’re ready for actionable strategies to work with your ADHD brain, I invite you to

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How To Be The Hero Of Your Story- Self Concept & ADHD

Today we’re looking at how to be the hero of your own story as we learn about the hero, the victim and the villian and how this impacts self concept with ADHD. I have an important question for you to consider today. Who are you in the story you’re telling yourself? What role do you play in the narrative of your life? Your answer to this question matters.  A lot.  The story you choose can influence nearly every one of your experiences. It can determine a sense of clarity or confusion. It can impact whether you feel empowered or powerless, and

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15 New Year Reflection Questions For Adults with ADHD

There is so much power in reflection, especially for the ADHD brain. Since our working memory makes it challenging to remember details, it’s easy to forget or overlook powerful takeaways. By intentionally slowing down, however, we can change that. By taking a few minutes to make note of where you were last year, where you’re at now, and where you’re going in the year ahead, you help your brain identify key milestones, bookmark valuable life lessons, and identify powerful opportunities for expansion and growth. Admittedly, slowing down for this intentional reflection is easier said than done for a brain that

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When Things Feel Hard With ADHD

You know those times when you fall out of your rhythm? Maybe you overlook more details than usual, or things slip through the cracks more frequently?  Me too. It happens to all of us, especially when we have ADHD. In fact, something happened just last week that tried to throw me for a loop. And I share all about it on episode 178 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast. Tune in below to find out what happened, while also learning to: You can listen to the episode above or stream it on your favorite podcasting app here:    Prefer to read? No

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3 ADHD calming techniques for adults

3 ADHD Calming Techniques for Adults, When You’re Overwhelmed

Your body feels restless. Your chest and shoulders feel tight and you find yourself spinning as your mind races in “what ifs,” worst-case scenarios, and unmade decisions. This is overwhelm. We know this emotion well, so we want to look for ADHD calming techniques that can help us get through this unwanted feeling. So what can we do when this familiar feeling comes up? How can we move through it and find clarity on the other side? That is exactly what we’re talking about in episode 177 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast, more specifically 3 ADHD calming techniques

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5 Powerful Reminders For Adults Living with ADHD

Growing up, many of us heard adages shared by the adults in our lives. They may have been sayings mentioned in passing… a simple sentence someone repeated often. Or we may have learned familiar phrases from television or books. While some of these statements are now outdated or irrelevant, others offer deeper wisdom, maintaining significance in our lives today. They offer a fresh perspective on a common obstacle or provide a grounding reminder of a truth we once knew but at some point forgot. In episode 176 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast, we’re exploring five of these phrases

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