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You may have heard about the benefits of hygge living in the fall and winter months. But did you know you can hygge in the spring, too? Learn tips and ideas to live a hygge life this spring. Aesthetic choices, design, home, decor, fashion, food, you name it. Embrace the cozy lifestyle of springtime hygge today!

5 Ways to Hygge in the Spring

When I think of spring, I think of warmth, light, growth, and joy; new plants spring up from the ground, bright green leaves pop from the trees, and the familiar chickadee song shifts from its winter “chicka-dee-dee-dee” to its joyful “spring’s here.” (Have NO idea what I’m talking about? Click here for the “spring’s here” …

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Practicing Kindness: 7 Day Kindness Challenge Loving kindness, random acts of kindness, anonymous acts of kindness, spread the love, share the love, kindness meditation, kindness challenge, #lovingkindness, randomactsofkindness #anonymousactsofkindness #7daysofkindness #sharethelove #spreadthelove #kindness #mindfulness

Practicing Kindness: 7-Day Challenge

Hey, friends! I hope you’re ready for a great week because today I’m issuing you a challenge. What kind of challenge, you ask? A kindness challenge. Yep, I challenge you to practice seven days of intentional kindness. I’ve been reading several articles recently, which explore the impact of practicing kindness. Of course, for those on …

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