Free productivity ecourse

5 Day Productivity Challenge: Free Email Course!

Hey there! My name is Paula Engebretson, and I’m a productivity and time management coach at I’m Busy Being Awesome. I am so excited you’re here!

Now, do me a favor. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said one of the following phrases:

  • I need to get more done!
  • I’ve got this big goal, but I can’t find the time to work on it.
  • I wish I had just one more hour in the day.

Is your hand in the air?

If so, then keep reading, because I think you’re going to love this.

In this FREE 5-day email course, I am going to help you finally start practicing that old saying, work smarter not harder.

I am going to give you the tools you need to banish procrastination, get focused, and get the most out of your valuable time.

Each day for 5 days, I will pop into your inbox with one simple productivity tip that you can implement that day.

No fluff. No unnecessary info. Just one an actionable strategy for you to boost your productivity and get things done.

I take away the guesswork by giving you a quick, step-by-step action plan for you to follow each day.

And best yet, they’re simple steps that you can repeat over and over after you complete the course to keep your productivity high.

The only thing you have to decide is what you’re going to do with all of your extra time!

So sign up now, start checking things off your to-do list and get moving toward your goals.

Let’s do this!

Free productivity ecourse

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