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Welcome to We’re Busy Being Awesome.

Here's what I know about you.

  • You’re an idea machine, and you wish you could focus long enough to see your ideas through.

  • You’ve tried every time management tool, planning approach, and organizational hack out there, but you’re still scrambling to keep up.

  • You struggle to say no to requests, which often leads to an overbooked schedule of non-priority tasks.

  • When you finally have time for your work, you end up spinning in indecision, unsure of which fire to put out first. 

  • You hold yourself to an incredibly high standard, and perfectionism keeps you from completing your projects (or getting started at all).

You often find yourself thinking...

I can’t keep up; there’s too much to do.

Everything is important, and I don’t know where to start.

There’s never enough time in the day. I should have gotten more done.

Sound familiar? I thought so.

Let's Change Those Stories, shall we?

Imagine if you...

  • Worked with your ADHD brain using strategies that serve you.

  • Learned to reclaim your time and use it intentionally.

  • Had a simple, reliable system that helps you organize your work.

  • Easily identified priorities and knew where to focus your attention.

  • Stuck with your schedule and completed your tasks with less stress.

Sounds awesome, right? Guess what...

It's all possible.

  • You can meet deadlines without the frantic, last-minute rush.

  • You can say no to distractions and yes to what matters most to you.

  • You can release the 3 Ps (perfectionism, procrastination, and people-pleasing) that keep you from reaching your goals.

  • You can fully believe in yourself and your abilities and show up to your life with confidence.

  • You can use your strengths and work with your ADHD brain in your career, at home, and in your relationships.

How do I know?

I've been where you are now.

  • I know the exhaustion of working 10x as hard as your colleagues and still struggling to keep up. And I know the insecurity and shame from constantly worrying you’ll be “found out.”

  • But I also know what it’s like on the other side.

  • I know what it’s like to have control of your time. And I know how it feels to trust yourself, certain you’ll get things done.

  • I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of incredible people with distractible brains do the same.

  • It would be an honor to help you, too.

Before starting WBBA, I used stress to get things done and berate myself for all the things I didn’t do. After coaching, I’ve learned how my brain needs a plan and structure and that prioritization helps me constrain what I do and focus on what is most important to me. I’m especially proud that I remember to practice kindness and self-compassion more often, and that I’m way more happy, calm, and realistic in the process of getting things done. My experience in WBBA was expanding, honest, loving, and supportive. Paula's expert guidance and warmth and the company of our small cohort made it safe and fun for each of us to explore the different facets of our individual ADHD brains. There was never any judgment in anything we shared, which helped us move away from self-judgment and instead promote curiosity and learning. I recommend WBBA to anyone who needs help discovering how to break through the invisible obstacles holding them back from achieving a goal they've longed to do, but cannot figure out why they can't do it.

Lily L.

Today I reached a goal that seemed impossible only 18 months ago! Working with Paula has made all the difference to achieving this huge goal for me. In We're Busy Being Awesome, I loved the structure of the sessions, especially Paula running models on people's challenges. It turns out we all struggle from similar drama that hinder us from reaching our goals; I learned so much from others being coached. Plus, I loved connecting with a group of fabulous women from all over the world who were all so interesting, and yet had so many similarities.

Mairead C.

Small group coaching with Paula Engebretson was just what I needed to help me overcome habits and patterns that no longer served me. She is 100% about helping me and our small group find the tools and strategies that work best for our unique brains, and in my case, ADHD and a traumatic brain injury. The changes I've seen in my life over the last four months of implementing her coaching are amazing. It's so encouraging to know my brain is not broken, and nothing has gone wrong. I will continue to implement what I've learned throughout WBBA with Paula. I believe that I, too, can live a busy awesome life...thriving and blooming out loud!

Jenny Anna

This program changed my life. Understanding I have ADHD has explained so many things that frustrated me before. Now I know how to be productive, deal with my toddler brain, and understand my procrastination, to name just a few things. This program is well worth the cost.

Ginny S.

Introducing: We're Busy Being Awesome

Looking for something specific? Find what you need using the times below.

  • 0:00-1:08: What is We’re Busy Being Awesome
  • 1:09-1:39: ADHD is more than distractibility
  • 1:40-5:00: Executive Functions & ADHD
  • 5:01-5:48: We’re Busy Being Awesome Overview
  • 5:49-9:34: Plan – Act – Complete Framework
  • 9:35-13:40: Small Group Coaching Format

This program changed my life. Now I understand my procrastination, difficulty focusing, and my toddler brain, to name just a few things. This program is well worth the cost.

Ginny S.

Introducing: We're Busy Being Awesome

We’re Busy Being Awesome is the four-month small group coaching program for ADHDers and people with ADHD tendencies. In just four months, you’ll have everything you need to…

  • Recognize your strengths and confidently use them to move forward in your goals.

  • Identify your priorities, reduce your overwhelm, and know where to focus your attention.

  • Create a personalized schedule and daily routines that support your goals.

  • Simplify and streamline your systems to increase effectiveness.
  • Say no to additional requests and stay focused on your  priorities.

  • Sidestep distraction, procrastination, and perfectionism, so you start your tasks with less delay.

  • Follow through on your plans and trust yourself to stick to your commitments.

  • Self-coach your ADHD brain to create clarity, step into possibility, and thrive throughout the rest of your life.

Plus, you’ll have a tight-knit, busy awesome community working alongside you to offer support, cheer you on, and celebrate your wins together.

I recommend WBBA to anyone who needs a practical approach to supporting the way your brain works to better handle the tasks and expectations of the neurotypical world. For those who doubt that they have the creative spark to make a change in their own lives and their community: Paula will see your individuality, your struggles, and honor your efforts and then give you the tools to put your ideas into action.

Maggie L.

Being in WBBA helped me learn that getting clear on my priorities makes decision-making easier. It also helps me know what’s most important when I’m making plans, whether short-term or long-term. Also, learning to break down projects into smaller tasks allows me to see what I’ve been procrastinating is not as daunting as my brain thinks. It makes starting the thing easier because I can clearly see the steps needed to finish it. Also, it was great getting to know the other people in the program, and hearing them get coached was validating - it's always nice to know that you are not the only person with these struggles. Overall, my experience in WBBA was fantastic.

Memory M.

We're Busy Being Awesome taught me to recognise what I AM getting done rather than constantly beating myself up for the bits I haven't done (yet)! Sounds like a small thing, but as an ADHDer, I constantly whizz past achievements, minimizing them and batting away compliments, and then berating myself for the things I'd forgot or didn't have time/motivation to do. Paula and the group have really helped me build my self-compassion and helped me notice and celebrate what I am achieving. I feel happier, more content, and don't waste brain space criticising myself nearly as much as I did before this program.

Vikki B.

I feel so much differently about work. I am better able to stay on top of my tasks which makes it so much easier to be "done with work at the end of the day" and not feel like I am carrying work around with me.

Linda S.

We're Busy Being Awesome is built upon my simple, four step system to get things done.

Step 1: Uncover

Those of us with ADHD or ADHD tendencies often develop beliefs about ourselves and our abilities over the years. Stories like, “I’m too slow.” “I never follow through.” and “I’m terrible with time.” follow us around like a shadow and hold us back from the growth we seek. In step one of the system, you begin uncovering these beliefs.

Just like a GPS, we can’t get to where we’re going if we don’t know where we’re at; step one provides that critical point of reference. In addition, you will learn self-coaching skills to begin rewiring those neural pathways, shifting your beliefs, and creating different results for yourself.

Month 1:

Our first month is all about goal setting, learning to pause, and uncovering beliefs. You’ll set yourself up for success by setting doable, flexible goals that support you in implementing the content and tools from this program. Then throughout the four months, we’ll apply the strategies of planning, task initiation, and follow through to ensure you see the progress you want. 

Pause Point: The moment before a decision. Creating awareness around our pause points is everything for the ADHD brain. It allows us to hit the breaks and rely on our prefrontal cortex to make intentional decisions more often. This might look like pausing  to work on Thursdays report instead of automatically scrolling social media, or pausing to consider your time commitments before immediately adding another commitment to your plate. 

While the concept of pausing seems simple, implementation can feel challenging. That’s okay. We are humans with ADHD. We are not robots. We are not aiming for perfection. By implementing an imperfect PAUSE practice, we learn how to:

  • Strengthen our awareness of these pause points.
  • Build scaffolding to help recognize impulsive moments ahead of time.
  • Create plans to help us navigate impulsive moments with less struggle.

A core skill in working with your ADHD brain is learning to create awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s no secret that as ADHDers, we have A LOT of thoughts, we tend to be sensitive or experience strong emotions, and we often act impulsively. Learning the tools of self coaching allows us to slow down and be more intentional about how we choose to think, feel, and act throughout our day.

Those of us with ADHD or ADHD tendencies often develop beliefs about ourselves and our abilities over the years. Stories like, “I’m too slow.” “I never follow through.” and “I’m terrible with time.” follow us around like a shadow and hold us back from the growth we seek. In month one, we begin uncovering these beliefs, questioning them, and using the self coaching tools to help us shift them as we develop greater confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have your starting point, it’s time to get clear on your destination; how do you want to use your time? What are the goals you’re working toward? Step two teaches the skills of prioritization, goal setting, and creating a realistic schedule that allows time for work, rest, and play.

Whether you have an unpredictable schedule, you navigate intense distractibility, or you rebel against the idea of following a structured routine, step two helps you create a system that works well for your brain and gets you where you want to go.

Month 2:

“There’s too much to do, and I have no idea where to start.” Thoughts like this are some of the greatest causes of overwhelm for the ADHD brain. As idea people, we often have an endless list of projects, tasks, and goals to complete. The challenge is that everything seems equally important. In month two we learn how to sort through that expansive list of ideas. You’ll know how to identify the key items that move you forward while effectively delegating, deleting, or intentionally planning for the rest.

Just as you might create a financial budget, you can do the same with budgeting your time. Here are the facts. We each have 168 hours per week. Ideally, you’re asleep for about 56 of them. This leaves you with 112 hours to spend however you want. In month two, you’re invited to create a time budget to ensure you’re intentionally spending your time in a way that aligns with your long-term goals and priorities. Pair this with the official I’m Busy Being Awesome planning process, and you have your personalized planning approach locked in.

While we each thrive on different levels of structure when it comes to planning, there is one thing that’s for sure; creating some kind of plan for your day is a key to ADHD success. Just as books stand up with the support of bookends, our brains do much better when we can lean on the stability of a schedule. The secret is finding the level of structure that works best for you. This month we also dive into the important concept of iteration as we explore different planning approaches to find the fit for you. 

Unexpected email requests, a child home sick from school, and last-minute meetings you’re expected to attend. These unpredictable situations are par for the course for the busy-awesome human. While such circumstances could throw a curveball at your day, this month you’ll gain tools to create a plan and prioritize accordingly. You will learn to sort through your daily task list, confidently identify the top three to four items that will move you forward, and schedule time for them throughout your day. Yes, even with an unpredictable schedule, it’s possible to move forward on what’s most important.

Step 3: Act

Getting started on your plans (i.e. task initiation) is often a significant challenge for the ADHD brain. This is where step three comes in; filled with powerful strategies to help you break down the steps, initiate tasks, and stick to your schedule, you’ll be taking action in no time.

What’s more, you’ll learn how to navigate procrastination, release perfectionism, and set aside people-pleasing, so you’re equipped to tackle your projects both big and small.

Month 3:

Task initiation is a barrier that many ADHDers face. In month three, we dive into procrastination by understanding why our brain resists doing the thing. We learn how to work through the discomfort of getting started and support ourselves through the process. Additionally, we learn to identify the moments when we’re procrastiworking less important tasks rather than beginning the work that truly matters to our long term goals.

When we look at a schedule that says “9:00 – Write report,” the brain responds with, “Nope! I’m going to take a hard pass on that one.” Why? Because the task is too big, too broad, and lacks direction. In month three, we learn how to create powerful getting started sequences for the different areas in your life. By preparing them ahead of time, you support your brain through the process step-by-step, which makes it so much easier to get started. 

ADHDers often struggle with task initiation because we’re stuck spinning in indecision. We’re convinced there is a “right way” or a “wrong way” to do things. And we worry about making the “best” decision, so we don’t feel regret later. (Be honest, how many online shopping carts have you abandoned because you just couldn’t decide on what to purchase?) This month provides you with the tools you need to make effective decisions, both big and small. So whether you’re deciding on a topic for your latest research or debating between which birthday gift to buy for your partner, you’ll have what you need to make decisions with confidence.

As ADHDers, we often tell ourselves different versions of “once I’ve done [insert distraction here] then I’ll get started on my work.” (i.e., “I need to do a little more research, and then I’ll be ready to start.” “I can’t possibly begin working with dishes in the kitchen sink. I’ll wash those first.”) We convince ourselves there is a perfect time to begin, which always seems to be just out of reach. Month three teaches you how to identify these sneaky moments when you’re waiting for the “right time” and create a plan to shift gears from waiting-mode into action.

Step 4: Complete

The last 20%. The detail work. It’s that challenging part of the process when you’re bored of the task and ready for something new. And that’s not all; the completion phase also presents the potential for negative feedback, we often second guess our work, and a general fear of failure sneaks in. 

Enter step four, which provides the essential tools you need to reignite your commitment, challenge your imposter thoughts, and work through your fears. Put them to use to move forward, check off tasks, complete projects, and realize your goals.

Month 4:

You’ve created a plan, you’ve made significant progress on your project, and now you’re in the home stretch. The last 20%. The detail work. (You know, the tedious stuff you want to avoid because exciting new ideas await in your mind.) In month four, you discover how to generate the commitment and dedication you need to stick with your project no matter what.

When it comes to completing our work, perfectionism is a significant challenge for the ADHDer. For much of our lives, we’ve heard (in subtle and not-so-subtle ways) that we don’t measure up. We’re reminded of the times we’ve missed details, struggled to stay focused, or underestimated how long it would take to complete a task. In an attempt to avoid future criticism, we slip into perfectionist mode as we tweak and adjust every tiny detail, which often delays the final product, burns us out, or both. This month you learn how to release the grip of perfectionism and get stuff done.

“They’re going to find me out.” “I have no idea what I’m doing.” “I don’t belong here.” These imposter thoughts are only a handful of the dozens that race through the ADHD brain regularly. And because we think they’re true, we second-guess ourselves, play small, and don’t share our brilliant ideas with anyone. Month four teaches you how to question and ultimately disprove those familiar beliefs, so you’re confidently showing up and sharing your incredible self with the world.

As we wrap up our four months together, you have the opportunity to reflect and learn from your experiences and lessons as we celebrate YOU for showing up. So often, we have our blinders on; rather than recognizing our growth, we instead focus on the areas where we “should be farther along.” This month we create space to celebrate your wins, learn from each experience, and create a plan for the next steps in your ADHD journey as you continue designing your ideal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

✨ YES. If you identify with ADHD tendencies or you find the tools and concepts I share on the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast supportive of your brain, then I think you’ll love what we learn in We’re Busy Being Awesome.

Everyone is welcome; you do not need an ADHD diagnosis to join the group.

The next cohort begins the first week of February.

We will meet on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm ET, beginning February 2nd.

If the Thursday group fills up, we will have an additional group on Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm ET, beginning February 3rd.

The calls are recorded and available to you for the duration of the program.

You have access to the We’re Busy Being Awesome video trainings and workbooks indefinitely. 

To respect the privacy of you and your group members, the group has access to the recorded coaching calls for the duration of the coaching program.

First, congratulations on considering your time budget.
✨ As ADHD brains, it’s easy to overlook that. 

Second, here is a  breakdown of the time I suggest you spend on the program.
✨ I encourage you to set aside about 2 hours each week, which you can divide between multiple days
Coaching call: 60 minutes
Weekly trainings  (usually 1-2 recordings ranging from 10-45 minutes total; faster if you like to listen at 1.5x speed 😉)
Workbook with action steps and journaling prompts (I recommend 5-15 minutes, 3-4 days per week.)

Third, consider the long-term benefits of making this time commitment.
✨ Attaining the tools and skills over the next four months can help you increase your effectiveness and efficiency going forward.

Don’t worry; this happens to me, too.
✨ Overwhelm and paralysis are very common obstacles for the ADHD brain, so I have you covered.

First, I’ve designed different learning “roadmaps” for you to follow throughout the program.
✨ These roadmaps depend on the amount of time you have available outside of coaching calls and how deeply you want to integrate a new strategy before moving on to the next.
✨ Using the roadmaps helps ensure you’re getting exactly what you need out of the program without slipping into overwhelm.

Second, you can bring that very obstacle to the weekly coaching call! 
✨ This program is designed for ADHD brains by an ADHD brain. I’ve been there, too. I got you. 
Bring whatever you’re facing to the coaching call, and we’ll help reduce that overwhelm, create clarity, and step out of the spin cycle by prioritizing what’s most important. 

Third, we have the Facebook community.
✨ Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, you can also reach out to our private Facebook community for additional support, coaching, and accountability.
We’re all in this together, and the community is a great place to connect with everyone on this journey with you.

Let me ask you this. 
✨ How much have you spent on new planners or the productivity books that sit unused on your shelf? (No judgment here; I ask it because I know it well!) 
How much have you spent on apps that promise to help you stay on track but don’t support the emotional dysregulation that comes with an ADHD brain? 
How often do you spend all of your emotional energy trying to “fix” your ADHD brain and have no capacity to do what matters most to you?

These are the hidden costs of waiting to get the support you deserve. 

We’re Busy Being Awesome is an investment you make in yourself. It is your chance to go all-in on you and to do so for reasons you love. 
✨ You have something to share with the world, and learning to work with your brain will help you do that.
You deserve to have the support and learn the tools that work best for you. 
Your current approach of negative self-talk and anxiety-filled deadlines isn’t working, and you’re ready for a new, sustainable approach. 

Whenever I enter a new challenge or program, I love to remind myself: I’m either winning, or I’m learning. And both help me better understand how to work with my ADHD. The same is true for you. 

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there, too. This is totally normal.

We worry about what others will think if we drop the ball on “one more thing,” and we hyper-focus on past failures, gathering evidence for our brain that we never follow through.

Meanwhile, we don’t spend any time recognizing what we have achieved and what is possible for us in the future. 

Rather than following that usual path, I invite you to consider why you are all-in this time.

Why are you committed to working with your ADHD brain? Why will this time be different? 

Inside WBBA…
✨ I teach you how to navigate overwhelm when you think you’re behind and everything is too much.
✨ I show you how to work through doubt and generate commitment when you wonder whether you can stick with it.
✨ I help you recognize your wins and celebrate your progress since our perfectionist brains often have a hard time seeing this.

This is what sets We’re Busy Being Awesome apart from other productivity systems and ADHD programs.
✨ They failed YOU. You didn’t fail.
✨ They didn’t teach you how to work with your ADHD brain, nor did they teach you how to manage your mindset, as I will.

But you need to know this.

As much as I love We’re Busy Being Awesome and everything the program offers, I’m not trying to “get you to sign up.” My goal is to work with ADHD brains who are ready to dive in and change their lives.

We’re Busy Being Awesome is not, and never will be, a “quick fix to a broken brain.” 

Your brain is not broken and does not need fixing. 

We’re Busy Being Awesome is a program designed to help you drop your self-judgment, accept your ADHD, and find the exact tools your brain needs to live the incredible life you deserve.

✨ Absolutely! If you’d like to talk with Paula about the program to make sure it’s a great fit for you, simply sign up for a time using the calendar below!

✨ Awesome! Feel free to email Paula at paula @ 

Bonuses (Time Sensitive!)

The first three people who join the February cohort will get one private coaching session with me to be used at any time throughout the program. When you snag this bonus, it means you have a full session to dive deep into any topic that’s front and center for you. (Yes, please! 😍)

But remember, this bonus is limited to the first three people who sign up for the February cohort, so don’t wait!

I’ve got to tell you, I am super stoked about this bonus; I just got my mug in the mail a week ago, and it’s my new favorite. What better way to start your day than a reminder of how awesome you are?

Sign up by January 27th, and start sipping your morning pick-me-up while busy being awesome, too!

Filled with core concepts, journal prompts, and exercises, the program workbook helps you take what we learn in coaching and lock it in further. It’s awesome for brains who love taking notes, journaling their thoughts, and having everything together in one place.

Sign up by January 27th to ensure you get the hard copy delivered right to your door before we begin! (Prefer digital? No problem; I got you covered there, too 😉)

If you’re anything like me, you love a good planner. And when you sign up by January 27th, you’ll get a hard copy of the I’m Busy Being Awesome planning system sent directly to you. 

Designed specifically for the ADHD brain, this planner takes the guess work out of prioritization, project management, and scheduling. (Heck yes!)

It's time to work with your ADHD brain and take things to the next level.

Are you ready?

The Details

  • Four-month group coaching program.
    • Weekly 60-minute group coaching calls.
  • Group Time: The next cohort begins the first week of February. 
    • We will meet on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm ET, beginning February 2nd.
    • If the Thursday group fills up, we will have an additional group on Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm ET, beginning February 3rd.
  • Group Size: To ensure everyone gets coaching, groups will not exceed 15 people.
  • Weekly videos to teach the skills and strategies you need to thrive with your ADHD brain.
    • Roughly 1-2 videos (between 10-40 minutes weekly). 
  • Workbooks and resources to implement concepts explored throughout the program.
    • 10-15 minutes as many days as possible throughout the week; I recommend 3+ days for best results.
  • The investment: $2,000
    • Optional payment plan: four monthly payments of $500.

How to Sign Up

Ready to get started? Awesome! There are three ways to move forward.

  1. You’re all-in
    • If meeting on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm ET works for you, and you know you’re a “yes,” please feel free to sign up now. You can click here or use the Enroll Now button below.
    • Upon signing up, you’ll get immediate access to the course trainings and materials.
    • I’ll then follow up with an email containing the welcome packet, Zoom link, private Facebook group information, etc.  
  2. You have a few questions, or you prefer the Friday time
    • If you have a few questions or Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm ET works better for your schedule, please fill out the form below. 
    • Let me know the times that work best for your schedule and feel free to ask any questions on your mind. 
    • I’ll be in touch with the answers ASAP.  
  3. You’d like to talk with Paula about your questions
    • If you have specific questions for me, or you want to make sure the group is a good fit for your current situation, please sign up for us to chat using the calendar below.
    • We will explore where you’re at now, any obstacles you’re navigating, and the changes you’d like to make.
    • Then we’ll decide whether We’re Busy Being Awesome is a great fit to help you reach those goals at this time.

Any Questions?

Are you excited to join but have a few questions?  Fantastic!
Please fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Let's Chat

Have questions about coaching or joining the group?
Let’s hop on a call to chat!

  • We’ll explore where you’re at now, the changes you want to see, and how we can make them happen.
  • Then we’ll decide whether We’re Busy Being Awesome is a great fit for you and your goals.
  • Sign up for a 30 min. call using the calendar below.

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