You are an Innovator

You, my friend, are an Innovator, which means…

  • You are driven by your creativity and spontaneity.
  • When beginning a new project, you focus on the bigger picture rather than the tiny details.
  • You listen to your intuition when gauging the value of an idea.
  • You are a visual learner; your desk is often covered with sticky-notes.
  • You’re happiest without rigid rules and deadlines.

Your ability to work under pressure and take on multiple projects without feeling overwhelmed are just a few of your many Innovator superpowers. In addition, you are inventive and have an innate ability to spot new opportunities.

Boost your Productivity:

To maximize your productivity, don’t try to complete a project in one session. Innovators are energized by the excitement of new tasks, so keep things fresh by highlighting 3-4 important projects for the day and alternating between them as necessary.

Busy-Awesome Resources:

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