You are an Organizer

You, my friend, are an Organizer, which means…

Before you begin a project, you prefer to create a thorough plan. You are driven by “how” questions:

  • “How will I complete this task?”
  • “How was this done in the past?”
  • “How does this impact the outcome?”

With this mindset, you are skilled at predicting situations and creating backup plans.

As an Organizer…

  • You thrive on details.
  • You rely on your calendar and checklists to help get the job done.
  • You are particularly skilled at outlining projects and schedules.
  • Your organizational expertise is valued by your colleagues.

Boost your Productivity:

To maximize your productivity, consider time-blocking and batching your work. Plan out your workweek with sections of time dedicated to one specific task. For example:

  • Monday mornings: write lectures
  • Tuesday mornings: grade papers
  • Wednesday mornings: research project etc.

By streamlining your work and assigning tasks to specific days, you enter your “flow state,” and you don’t waste time shifting between projects.

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