We're Busy Being Awesome FAQ

✨ YES. If you identify with ADHD tendencies or you find the tools and concepts I share on the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast supportive of your brain, then I think you’ll love what we learn in We’re Busy Being Awesome.

Everyone is welcome; you do not need an ADHD diagnosis to join the group.

The next cohort begins the first week of February.

We will meet on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm ET, beginning February 2nd.

If the Thursday group fills up, we will have an additional group on Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm ET, beginning February 3rd.

The calls are recorded and available to you for the duration of the program.

To get a full breakdown of everything you get when you join, click here. I outline the entire program and the specific topics we cover.
Here are a few things you MUST know.
✨ We’re Busy Being Awesome Course: The lessons are short and simple. I guide you step-by-step, teaching you tools and concepts that will make working with your ADHD brain much easier than the neurotypical approach. 
✨ We’re Busy Being Awesome Private Podcast. You also have access to the entire WBBA course in podcast form, so you can listen and learn on the go.
✨ Program Workbook and I’m Busy Being Awesome Planner. When you sign up before January 27th, you’ll get a hard copy of the program workbook, and ADHD-friendly planner (designed and created by me!) mailed directly to your door.
✨ Our Private Facebook Community. Exclusive to the February cohort, this Facebook community is a supportive space to celebrate wins, connect with fellow ADHD brains, and get coaching between sessions.
✨ Weekly Live Coaching Calls. Beginning Thursday, February 2nd, our small group of 10-15 people meet weekly for coaching and support as we learn how to release perfectionism, take action, and work with our brains to thrive. 

You have access to the We’re Busy Being Awesome video trainings and workbooks indefinitely. 

To respect the privacy of you and your group members, the group has access to the recorded coaching calls for the duration of the coaching program.

First, congratulations on considering your time budget.
✨ As ADHD brains, it’s easy to overlook that. 

Second, here is a  breakdown of the time I suggest you spend on the program.
✨ I encourage you to set aside about 2 hours each week, which you can divide between multiple days
Coaching call: 60 minutes
Weekly trainings  (usually 1-2 recordings ranging from 10-45 minutes total; faster if you like to listen at 1.5x speed 😉)
Workbook with action steps and journaling prompts (I recommend 5-15 minutes, 3-4 days per week.)

Third, consider the long-term benefits of making this time commitment.
✨ Attaining the tools and skills over the next four months can help you increase your effectiveness and efficiency going forward.

Don’t worry; this happens to me, too.
✨ Overwhelm and paralysis are very common obstacles for the ADHD brain, so I have you covered.

First, I’ve designed different learning “roadmaps” for you to follow throughout the program.
✨ These roadmaps depend on the amount of time you have available outside of coaching calls and how deeply you want to integrate a new strategy before moving on to the next.
✨ Using the roadmaps helps ensure you’re getting exactly what you need out of the program without slipping into overwhelm.

Second, you can bring that very obstacle to the weekly coaching call! 
✨ This program is designed for ADHD brains by an ADHD brain. I’ve been there, too. I got you. 
Bring whatever you’re facing to the coaching call, and we’ll help reduce that overwhelm, create clarity, and step out of the spin cycle by prioritizing what’s most important. 

Third, we have the Facebook community.
✨ Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, you can also reach out to our private Facebook community for additional support, coaching, and accountability.
We’re all in this together, and the community is a great place to connect with everyone on this journey with you.

Let me ask you this. 
✨ How much have you spent on new planners or the productivity books that sit unused on your shelf? (No judgment here; I ask it because I know it well!) 
How much have you spent on apps that promise to help you stay on track but don’t support the emotional dysregulation that comes with an ADHD brain? 
How often do you spend all of your emotional energy trying to “fix” your ADHD brain and have no capacity to do what matters most to you?

These are the hidden costs of waiting to get the support you deserve. 

We’re Busy Being Awesome is an investment you make in yourself. It is your chance to go all-in on you and to do so for reasons you love. 
✨ You have something to share with the world, and learning to work with your brain will help you do that.
You deserve to have the support and learn the tools that work best for you. 
Your current approach of negative self-talk and anxiety-filled deadlines isn’t working, and you’re ready for a new, sustainable approach. 

Whenever I enter a new challenge or program, I love to remind myself: I’m either winning, or I’m learning. And both help me better understand how to work with my ADHD. The same is true for you. 

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there, too. This is totally normal.

We worry about what others will think if we drop the ball on “one more thing,” and we hyper-focus on past failures, gathering evidence for our brain that we never follow through.

Meanwhile, we don’t spend any time recognizing what we have achieved and what is possible for us in the future. 

Rather than following that usual path, I invite you to consider why you are all-in this time.

Why are you committed to working with your ADHD brain? Why will this time be different? 

Inside WBBA…
✨ I teach you how to navigate overwhelm when you think you’re behind and everything is too much.
✨ I show you how to work through doubt and generate commitment when you wonder whether you can stick with it.
✨ I help you recognize your wins and celebrate your progress since our perfectionist brains often have a hard time seeing this.

This is what sets We’re Busy Being Awesome apart from other productivity systems and ADHD programs.
✨ They failed YOU. You didn’t fail.
✨ They didn’t teach you how to work with your ADHD brain, nor did they teach you how to manage your mindset, as I will.

But you need to know this.

As much as I love We’re Busy Being Awesome and everything the program offers, I’m not trying to “get you to sign up.” My goal is to work with ADHD brains who are ready to dive in and change their lives.

We’re Busy Being Awesome is not, and never will be, a “quick fix to a broken brain.” 

Your brain is not broken and does not need fixing. 

We’re Busy Being Awesome is a program designed to help you drop your self-judgment, accept your ADHD, and find the exact tools your brain needs to live the incredible life you deserve.

✨ Absolutely! If you’d like to talk with Paula about the program to make sure it’s a great fit for you, simply sign up for a time using the calendar here!

✨ Awesome! Feel free to email Paula at paula @ imbusybeingawesome.com 

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