How To Get Back On Track With Your Goals

When it comes to making progress on your current goal, where do you fall on the spectrum:

  • I’m making amazing progress each day!
  • I was doing well for a while…but I seem to have hit a slump.
  • Uh…what were my goals again?

Whichever answer resonates the most with you, know that you are in the right place.

This week we are taking a deep dive into staying focused on our goals.

We’re learning how to keep our goals and habits front and center so we keep seeing the progress we want.

And we’re doing this in three powerful ways.

So if you’re ready to reignite your commitment and focus on your goals, make sure to listen to episode 85 of the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast.

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In This Episode, You Will Discover… 

  • How to use visual reminders to reignite your goal commitment
  • How to use daily habits for consistency and momentum
  • The crucial mindset approach for goal success

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Episode #85: How To Keep Your Goals Front & Center (Transcript)

Hey, friends! Welcome to episode 85 of the podcast. What’s happening? It has been such beautiful weather here recently; it actually feels like spring is in the air and the snow is starting to melt around here. I’m telling you, it’s the best.

And with spring in mind, we are officially in week two of March if you’re listening to this in real-time. We are over two months into the new year! And during my habits training that I taught at the end of February, we talked a bit about the idea that – by this time – many of us have often lost sight of some of the goals and resolutions that we set waaay back in January over two months ago. 

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

So today I want to take some time to return to our goals. I want to talk about how we can put some systems and good habits in place to help us get our goals to the front of our minds and refocus. And frankly, whether you’re listening to this episode in real-time or you found it in July, the timing is perfect. We can always use a refresher when we think about our big goals and where we are going.

Goal Assessment

So the first thing I want you to consider is this: where are you on the goal or the goals you set for yourself? Have you been trucking along making consistent progress? If so, amazing! This episode will give you that extra nudge of excitement and perhaps a new way to think about your progress. 

If, when I just asked this question, you paused for a really long time wracking your brain to even remember the goals you set, that’s perfect, too. We will talk about lots of different strategies to get that goal front and center again. 

And if you are like many of us who took consistent action for quite a while, but then hit that February slump, which often comes during the last few weeks of the month, then you’re in the right place, too. Because this episode is here to help you refocus your energy and start taking action again.

So really, wherever you are in your goal progress, and whatever time of the year it is, this podcast episode is for you. We are digging into actionable, tangible ways to help us keep our goals front of mind and get us moving forward. So get excited.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Now here’s the deal. You’ve probably heard the phrase “out of sight out of mind” at some point in your life, right? People use it pretty frequently. And what this generally means is that we stop thinking about something if we don’t see the thing or have reminders of the thing for a period of time.

Well, it turns out that this phrase has some truth in it. There have been studies done in this area in regard to “out of sight out of mind” and our desire for things. And what these studies found is that when items – whether it’s food or something we want to purchase, etc. – are out of sight, it reduces our desire for them. Now, this is good news in terms of the consumption of foods that may taste good in the moment but don’t actually feel good in our body. Or if we are impulse buyers and the reduction of seeing things we want to buy helps curb that desire to purchase.

But it’s not so great when we want to reach a goal or maintain a habit that pushes us out of our comfort zone. Because while we may have the desire to reach the goal on some level, when it’s not front and center in our mind, we lose some of our desire to follow through. We lose some of that drive to stick with it either because we simply forget about it since it’s not right in front of us. Or because it’s easier for our brain to stay comfortable and stay in stasis. It often seems easier not to do the thing than to do it. So we start letting the habit slide. We lose interest in the goal. We think to ourselves, “oh well. I’ll look into it later. I’ll get started later.”

And friends, as we know, 99.9% of the time, later never comes.

Maintaining Your Goals

So let’s talk about what we can do. Let’s learn how we can keep our goals front of mind, reignite our excitement, and keep the desire for progress and forward momentum running strong.

We are going to do this in three ways. We will talk about keeping our goals front and center visually – meaning literal visual representations of our goal so we see that reminder regularly.

We’ll look at it habitually in terms of taking regular action on those goals, no matter how small. And then we’ll explore in terms of shifting your mindset and deciding intentionally how you want to think about your goals and your progress on your goals each day.

Goal Visualization

So let’s start with the visuals. There are so many ways that we can keep that goal visually in front of us.

Now, I know this may seem unnecessary to some. But I’m telling you, it’s powerful. Those constant visual reminders each day – and sometimes multiple times per day – really help keep your goals front and center. It’s the gentle nudge to keep your brain thinking about where you want to place your focus that day, where you’re going, and how you want to get there.

Creative Ways To Display Goals

So what might these visuals be? You could write down your goals each day. This is a powerful combination of both the visual and mindset component as you physically write out the goal, think through it, and see it on a daily basis. 

Vision Board

Another popular way to do this is with a vision board. I created mine this year using the free design program Canva, and it was so fun to do. I thought about my vision and my big goals for the year ahead, and I chose pictures, quotations, and messages that I wanted to reflect on each day and turned them into a collage of sorts. So, I printed out two copies; I have one hanging in front of me where I work so I see it throughout my workday, and I also have hanging next to my bathroom mirror so I can look at it as I get ready in the morning. And I absolutely love having this beautiful, visual representation of what I’m working toward this year, what my priorities are, and how I want to show up each day. It’s really powerful.

In fact, I made a template out of the vision board and I combined it with two other resources that I’m going to talk about in this episode and put it together in a workbook for you. So stay tuned toward the end to find out how to get it, because this workbook is a step-by-step guide through all three processes to help you implement everything we talk about in this episode today.

White Board

Now in addition to writing down your goals and using a vision board, you might write out the goal or create a visual representation of it for your computer desktop or your phone wallpaper or screen saver. You might have a whiteboard where you write down your goals. I have a smaller whiteboard where I write down my three main goals for the week as well as my main goals for the quarter so that I keep them front and center as they get me toward my end of the year goals.


Maybe you have a reminder set on your phone that reminds you of your goal and why it’s important to you each day. Or perhaps you set your password on your phone or your computer to be the main word that reminds you of that goal. Maybe you just write your goals on sticky notes and put them in different places throughout the house where you’ll see them.

There are so many different ways that you can keep your goals visually front and center. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose. The important thing is doing at least one so you have that visual reminder each day.

Visualize the Process

Now I will also mention in passing here and then expand in greater detail once we get to the mindset component that it’s also helpful to have your goal represented in different ways. Maybe you have an image of what your end goal is – perhaps a completed book or a certain dollar amount in your business bank account etc. But it can also be powerful to pair those with visual reminders of why that goal is important to you as well as visual reminders of the goal process. So let me explain what I mean here.

If we stick with my book example, maybe you have visuals mapped out of a regular writing habit, of the manuscript draft, of a signed deal with an editor, and of the completed book for sale on the shelf. By creating these visuals, you are further reinforcing the process and showing your brain the benchmarks that you’re working toward as you continue moving forward.

So that’s our first way of keeping our goals front and center. 

Habit Goals

The second way we can do this is by establishing small, daily habits that keep us taking action and making progress each day. And once again, there are multiple reasons for why we do this. 

First of all, you’re keeping your goal front and center by literally working on it each day. It’s hard to forget about your goal of learning Spanish when you practice new words for 10 minutes each day, right?

Habit Momentum

And the second reason is that you’re creating steady momentum for yourself. So rather than the all or nothing/complete and total focus for a few days, followed by completely stopping for several weeks, back to complete and total focus again, you’re instead making steady progress. By establishing regular habits, you’re creating a situation for yourself where it is so much easier to measure your growth.

Again, if we go all in on studying Spanish for two days and then leave it for three weeks and come back and go all in for two days, you’re probably going to be in the same place you were last time – especially with a language example.

But the same is true if you have a health goal and want to lose weight or build muscle or whatever. When we establish that regular habit – even if it’s super small – with a minimum baseline like a talk about in episode 25 – we create a situation where we help ensure growth. And that makes it so much easier for our brain to get on board and stick with it. With the regular habits we are more likely to create measurable results for ourself, even if they’re small, than if we go full force, stop for a while, and then full force again.

So pick that small habit and make sure it is one that you know you can stick with consistently. Even if it seems SO SMALL right now, that’s okay. You can always build on it later. For now, choose a super small, daily habit that you can implement that will get you taking regular action toward the goal. This will keep the goal front and center in your mind and start building momentum toward the larger objective you’re working toward.

And as the second part of the PDF I created, I also included habit trackers to help you with that extra accountability and consistency. There are both PDF fillable and printable versions available. So again, stay tuned until the end and I’ll share how you can get them. 

How To Remind Yourself Of Your Goal

Alright. We’ve talked about visual reminders. We’ve talked about using habits to keep our goals front and center. Now let’s talk about our mindset. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you’re probably not surprised to hear that – in my humble opinion – this one is the game changer, because it combines both of the above categories in slightly different ways with the power of our thoughts.

So what do I mean here? How do we use our mindset to keep our goals front and center? This is establishing the regular habit of visualizing why you want to reach this goal. What it will look like as you work your way toward the goal. And who you will be when you’ve reached the end point. 

How To Stick To Your Goals

Now, you all know how much I value writing and journaling about these ideas; there is something so powerful about actually putting pen to paper and exploring this process. I encourage you to take the time to do this often. Also, consider several different lenses to help solidify the goal at the front of your mind. And if you want some structure to help with this, here’s one way you might do that. 

Journal Prompts

On the first day of your mindset practice, think about why reaching this goal is so important to you. Why do you want to reach this goal?

Then perhaps the next day you explore who you will be once you’ve reached the end goal. Once she’s scaled the business to X amount of dollars, what is she doing? Where does she live? How does she show up in the world?

Perhaps the next day you think to your future self again. Consider what she is thinking about and feeling once she’s reached that business goal. What are her beliefs about your current goal?

Then maybe you spend the next day visualizing the entire process. You visualize yourself hiring the first team members and adding a few more customers. You see your bank statements go up each month. And you track that continued growth through the process of visualization until you reach the end goal.

On the fifth day check in with your future self at the end goal and ask her for advice. What would she advise you to do today to start moving forward? I’m telling you, future you is SO WISE when you pause to check in with her. So what does she have to say about the next steps?

You can repeat the questions or continue with different iterations of them as you keep journaling each day. This will help you strengthen your beliefs in yourself, in your ability to reach the goal, and to keep that goal front of mind. And I’ve included these questions in the workbook I’ve mentioned as well

Visual Goal Tracker PDF

I’m telling you. Combine these three practices of visual reminders, small, daily habits, and regular mindset focus on your end goal. It makes all the difference. Because you’ll help raise your awareness and keep the goal front and center. Plus, you’ll start seeing greater momentum and progress forward. And that my friends, is so fun.

And if you want to get your hands on this free resource. (The Canva vision board template, the habit trackers, and the journal prompts.) You can head to the show notes at

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