Hey, friend. I'm Paula.

And I totally get your ADHD brain.

I've been there, too.

For years, I battled self-doubt and imposter syndrome as I struggled through grad school and my first years as a professor.

Despite the countless to-do lists, planners, and productivity hacks I tried, it took me days to complete what my colleagues would do in a few hours.

I was utterly exhausted, and I couldn’t get ahead.

Convinced there was something wrong with me, I hid under waves of shame and anxiety, dreading the day that I’d be “found out.”

Finding Answers

Then at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with ADHD (Inattentive type).

Things started shifting.

I finally understood why everything felt so hard.

And more importantly, I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. 

Instead, my brain was just wired differently.

A New Perspective

Using my hyper-focus, I devoured every ADHD resource I could find.

I started identifying my unique strengths and recognizing what I have to offer the world.

Then I found life coaching, where I learned how to manage my mind and work with my ADHD, not against it.

When I put all of this knowledge together, that’s when everything changed.

Taking Action

I finally stuck to my schedule.

I stayed focused on my tasks.

I approached each day with less stress and overwhelm. 

And I felt confident in myself and my abilities.

Plus, I made way more time for snuggles with my favorite little guy, Bruno. 

Best of all, I finally liked myself again. I dropped the negative self-talk, recognized the work I'm here to do in the world, and started living the life I'm meant to live.

Let's talk.

The changes I experienced were so profound that I couldn’t keep them to myself. 

I became a Certified Life Coach and now have the honor of helping others with ADHD learn how to develop self-confidence, follow through on their commitments, and start making their biggest goals a reality.

I’d love to help you do the same.

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