31 Journal Prompts for Busy Women

Do you love the idea of journaling?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about quiet, slow mornings filled with warm cups of coffee and peaceful reflection?

Alternatively, do you cherish the idea of “turning in early” so you can spend the last part of your day practicing gratitude and contemplating the joys of your last 24 hours?

I know I do.

But I also know the reality of most people’s busy days.

31 Journal Prompts for Busy Women


31 Journal Prompts for Busy Women

I know the chaos of the morning rush.

I know the crazy demands placed on our precious hours each day.

And I realize that those slow mornings and contemplative evenings are often the first things to get pushed aside when things get hectic.

But today I’m here to challenge that mindset.

I’m here to suggest that taking just 5-10 minutes to practice daily reflection can make a significant impact on helping you clear your mind, quiet your racing thoughts, and find a sense of calm amidst the chaos of your day.

In fact, I believe that if you journaled for just 5-10 minutes every day for the next 31 days, you would feel more calm, collected, and ready to take on whatever the day brings you.

And don’t just take my word for it; a study at the University of Rochester recently found that regular journaling not only helps us manage anxiety and reduce stress, it also helps us prioritize our problems and concerns, provides opportunities for deep reflection, and helps us identify negative thoughts and behaviors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In short, “keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in chaos.”

Um…yes, please!

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So tell me, friend; are you up for the challenge?


Then grab this free 31-day journal filled with prompts for busy women like you. Set aside 5-10 minutes each day for quiet reflection, and start watching your mindset transform from one of busy chaos to calm confidence.

What have you got to lose?

Not sure how you can possibly fit 5 minutes into your schedule? Check out my latest post to uncover more time in your day here!

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Do you journal regularly? Do you practice daily gratitude? Why or why not? Let me know below!

63 thoughts on “31 Journal Prompts for Busy Women”

  1. Brittany Limberakis

    I need this! I’m just starting to journal and prompts help so much.

  2. I love the idea of quiet reflection each day – definitely a great way to ground yourself and focus. Thanks for sharing these prompts! Perfect for days when you want to write but have that terrible block!

  3. I started doing a one line journal in December and so far I haven’t missed a day! I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but it never lasted long when I tried it before because of the time commitment. I usually end up with more than one line, but having one sentence be the maximum requirement makes it feel easy enough to do every day.

  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I love this! I have such a busy life and sometimes I hate it because I crave the calm. I’d love to get into journaling. Thanks for the prompts!

  5. Five to ten minutes? I could do that. Thank you for sharing the prompts. Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes to come up with something to write about!

  6. I love journaling! This is definitely helpful for the days I want to write but my mind is racing and I cant think of topics

  7. I so need to get back into journaling! It’s been a long time, but I love the peace and clarity it brings. Thank you for these prompts – I’m excited to get started!

  8. I have never really given this much thought but this is interesting! I will look into this a little more when i have some more time for sure!!

  9. I love to journal and I have always told people how much better it makes me feel! I love to journal praises for the day because it makes you grateful for something every day! Now I have scientific proof that I am right! Thanks for sharing great information!

    1. OR challenge yourself to dig in each night for just 1 minute. Write down 1 thing for which you’re grateful – that’s it. I bet you’ll notice a difference in how you feel 🙂

  10. These are so handy! I LOVE writing in a journal but, once I get a chance to do so, I feel so blocked and can’t write squat.

  11. I love journalling and always have a hard time coming up with something to start it with, loved these tips!

  12. I try to be grateful for something every day but it’s not always easy. Will try to be more regular with the help of your journal now and will surely let you know how it goes x

  13. I love everything about this. I used to journal and love to be able to look back on what I shared. Thanks for the motivation!

  14. I’m a big fan of journaling. I have a line-a-day journal as well as a more traditional journal I keep on my computer and update weekly (sometimes only monthly). Thanks for the prompts!

  15. I absolutely agree that taking time for yourself can make you better for others. I’ve recently started journaling again and can’t wait to try some of these prompts!

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