Practicing Kindness: 7-Day Challenge

Hey, friends! I hope you’re ready for a great week because today I’m issuing you a challenge.

What kind of challenge, you ask?

A kindness challenge.

Yep, I challenge you to practice seven days of intentional kindness.

I’ve been reading several articles recently, which explore the impact of practicing kindness. Of course, for those on the receiving end of the gesture, there are numerous benefits, including feelings of self-worth, love, encouragement, compassion, empathy, joy, etc.

Additionally, however, I was amazed by the positive health benefits (both physical and mental) that accompanied those who were practicing kindness.

According to Dr. David Hamilton, we experience several positive “side effects” when we practice kindness, from boosting happiness to strengthening relationships, and improving heart health to slowing aging. What’s more, practicing kindness helps to reduce things like blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression, while filling us with energy and self-esteem.

In other words, practicing kindness is a win-win for everyone involved.

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Practicing Kindness: 7-Day Challenge

So what does this kindness challenge entail? Don’t worry; it’s super easy. In fact, there are only two rules (and one optional suggestion) involved:

  1. Every day, practice an act of kindness toward another person.
  2. Exercise a different act of kindness each day.
  3. Optional: journal about your experience in this workbook and record how it made you feel.

As I mentioned, step three is optional, but I highly encourage you to give it a try. Taking time to reflect on the experience and how it made you feel is a powerful activity that highlights the positive impact practicing kindness has on your life.

Practicing Kindness: Seven Challenge Suggestions

There are countless approaches to practicing kindness, and each one is valuable. Here are a few broad suggestions to get you started. If you’re looking for more ideas, however, be sure to download your free kindness challenge workbook, which offers 40 additional ways to practice kindness.

Practicing Kindness: 7 Day Kindness Challenge Loving kindness, random acts of kindness, anonymous acts of kindness, spread the love, share the love, kindness meditation, kindness challenge, #lovingkindness, randomactsofkindness #anonymousactsofkindness #7daysofkindness #sharethelove #spreadthelove #kindness #mindfulness

1. Show Kindness to a Stranger

Thank someone for their assistance while shopping. Write a positive review of a business on Yelp. Allow someone to go in front of you at the grocery store etc.

2. Give Praise to Someone You Love

Let them know how much you appreciate their help. Praise them for their accomplishments. Or compliment something that you admire about them.

3. Pay it Forward

Donate time or money to a cause that you value. Share valuable knowledge with someone. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line etc.

4. Listen

Ask a friend how they’re doing, and avoid interjecting or offering advice. Instead, really listen to their response.

5. Speak Kindly and Avoid Gossip

Just as kindness spreads, so does negativity. Practice kindness by ending gossip and sharing compliments instead.

6. Make Someone Feel Included

Invite someone to join you for lunch. Introduce a new co-worker, neighbor, or group member to your friends, and involve them in the conversation. If you know someone who doesn’t have plans, invite them out to dinner, over for coffee, out for a walk, etc.

7. Practice Anonymous Acts of Kindness

Anonymously fill the parking meters. Donate clothing or money. Gather the shopping carts near your car when you put yours away. Buy a lottery ticket and give it to the person behind you etc.

Are you ready for the challenge? I hope so 🙌🙌🙌 Download your free workbook here. It is filled with 40 ways to practice kindness as well as seven journaling sections for you to you reflect on each day’s acts. Then, snap a photo on each day with the hashtag #7daysofkindness and tag me @imbusybeingawesome.

Let’s spread kindness together!

Practicing Kindness: 7 Day Kindness Challenge Loving kindness, random acts of kindness, anonymous acts of kindness, spread the love, share the love, kindness meditation, kindness challenge, #lovingkindness, randomactsofkindness #anonymousactsofkindness #7daysofkindness #sharethelove #spreadthelove #kindness #mindfulness


Will you practice the 7-day kindness challenge? What are some of your favorite ways of practicing kindness? What are some of the most memorable acts of kindness you’ve ever received? Let me know below!

42 thoughts on “Practicing Kindness: 7-Day Challenge”

  1. I LOVE this! What a great idea! I think I’ll do this with my girls starting today!

  2. This is such a great challenge! There definitely needs to be more kindness in this world.

  3. I love this! Great kick off points to get people on the right track for practicing this! I just love this!

  4. I try to practice kindness everyday. It was the way that I raised that you respect everyone. Like Ellen DeGeneres says, Be Kind To One Another.

  5. If everyone practiced kindness this would be a better world! Personally, I’m going to try to give praise to the people I love, it’s always good tell them how important they are and in this way we can boost their and our happiness and strengthen relationships!

    1. I agree! And I love that approach. It’s so wonderful to remind people how valued they are 🙂

  6. such a great post – I could think of a million people who need this so I understand why you wrote it but I still think its kind of disappointing that we’re at a place in society where we have to remind people to be kind… right?

    1. Yeah, I agree. I think we live in such a busy society that we get wrapped up in our own lives and forget about others around us. This post is just a little reminder for us all to be aware and spread the love 🙂

  7. I love these ideas. Whenever a stranger shows kindness to me it really makes my day, so it would be great to show some kindness in return.

  8. This is such a great post! Creating an act of kindness can easily create a chain reaction in the most wonderful way! XO ~Anna

  9. I love this idea! It really helps us to reflect and think more about ways we can spread kindness to everyone around us.

    1. Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it 🙂 I hope you do, too! (Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse for another notebook 😉 )

  10. Love this list- wouldnt it be amazing if everyone practiced these acts of kindness all the time!

    1. Yes! That would be remarkable. If we each do our part, hopefully we’ll help spread the message 🙂

  11. This was such a great read! I find we sometimes get so caught up in my worries and stress that we forget about being intentionally kind to others. Thank you for your post for helping start my week off right!

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