5 Professional Development Podcasts You Should Listen To

If you’ve been reading I’m Busy Being Awesome for a while now, you know about my love of podcasts. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, they offer so much more than mere entertainment.

They also help you learn new things and expand your horizons. In fact, I think podcasts are one of the greatest ways to “learn on the go,” whether that’s listening on your commute to work, walking your dog outside, or finishing your 30 minutes at the gym.

Well, today I am thrilled to introduce Raj Jana. Raj is CEO and founder of an incredible, socially-conscious coffee company called Javapresse, and he is here to share with you his five favorite professional development podcasts.

Check out his recommendations, and then pop over to Javapresse; you’ll learn not only about their coffee but also their ethical, fair-trade approach to business. They launched the company in 2015, and they’ve already granted four wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and donated $30,000 to help children’s charities. It’s incredible. 🙌

So without further ado, here’s Raj!

5 Professional Development Podcasts You Should Listen To

Professional development is inside us all. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to know how to push our careers forward.

First, we need an idea of where we would like to go. And then once we have this, we need the focus and determination to make that vision a reality. I sometimes get discouraged just thinking about it.

Fortunately, one thing that’s been tremendously helpful in moving my career forward is learning from others. There are countless entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, and community advocates out there who have been able to build the lives they want to live.

And what’s more, they started where you and I are right now.

The two best ways I learn from others are through books and podcasts, and both of these approaches offer different advantages; reading is relaxing, and it’s a great way to turn a lazy afternoon into one of discovery.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are great for on-the-go. When I’m at the gym, driving in the car, or doing work around the house, I often put on a podcast episode, so I can turn what would otherwise be downtime into something that helps me grow.

I’ve come across a handful of professional development podcasts that I think anyone interested in advancing their careers should listen to. Even just a few episodes can help push you in the right direction or give you an idea of what step to take next.

5 Professional Development Podcasts You Should Listen To

1. I’m Busy Being Awesome

Ideal for: Those looking to increase their productivity, manage their time, and start reaching their biggest goals.

In the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast, Paula uses storytelling and examples to help teach her favorite strategies to boost your productivity, complete your to-do list, work toward your goals, and have time for self-care.

And importantly, she doesn’t just stop at strategy. She also helps you uncover the roadblocks in your way, find the thoughts that are holding you back from taking action, and identify the mindset that will get you moving forward. If you’re ready to start up-leveling your life and taking action today, be sure to give this podcast a listen.


2. How I Built This

It’s true, NPR is usually known for reporting the news. But if you dive a little deeper into the network’s programming, you’ll find that they have a lot more to offer than that.

One NPR podcast that’s worth checking out is called, How I Built This. It deals with how entrepreneurs and other leaders built their businesses into what they are today.

I like this podcast because it helps humanize the people whom we often view as “better than” or “more talented” than us. When you listen to their stories, you realize that they were once in the same position as we are; they wanted something more and weren’t quite sure how to get it.

This show provides not only practical advice but also hope for those who feel like meaningful professional growth is out of reach.

3. The EntreLeadership Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Ken Coleman, is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in starting a business or taking on more leadership responsibility at work.

Part of what makes it so great is the diversity of guests that come on the show. Coleman brings in entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, and other inspiring individuals to tell their stories. By sharing their insight, the guests provide practical, hands-on advice that you can use to help make yourself better.

Furthermore, Coleman offers free tools and templates that strengthen the audio content. Listen to the show and learn actionable tips to plan your life in a way that will support your goals.

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4. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Often, the biggest barrier to our success is ourselves. We’re all busy people, and we all have lots of different responsibilities pulling us in multiple directions. Our limited cognition and inevitable fallibility can be frustrating, but we must learn how to deal with them if we’re going to be happy and achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Michael Hyatt, a former publishing house CEO, goes into just this. He discusses different strategies and tips for helping us get out of our own way and to focus on the things that are actually important. For example, he pays a lot of attention to escaping perfectionism, delegating responsibility, and also saying “no,” which is something we all can learn how to do a little better.

(Paula’s editorial comment: Want some tips? Check out my podcast on identifying your top priorities here!)

There are six full seasons of this show, so there’s plenty of content from which to choose. Take a look at the episodes and listen to a few that address the obstacles standing in your way.

5. Being Boss

Being Boss focuses on helping people take control of their own lives. While it’s directed towards creative entrepreneurs, the hosts offer advice that is universally beneficial.

If your professional development dreams include turning your side hustle into a full-time job or owning your own business, then this is a great podcast for you. It will help arm you with skills we all need to succeed in being the boss of our own lives.

Start listening today

The truth is, there are hundreds of different podcasts out there, and many of them are quite good. If you’re just getting started with the world of podcasting, give these five a listen. Then, start experimenting with some new shows once you discover what you like. You’re bound to learn something fascinating.

About the author: Raj is the founder of JavaPresse, a socially-conscious coffee subscription service. He started his business because he wanted more flexibility in his work, and also because he wanted to improve his work-life balance. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way, and he’s still learning, but he owes part of his success to the people and resources that encouraged him to keep working towards his dream. He enjoys writing about his experience to help others achieve the type of professional growth they desire.


Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites? How many cups of coffee are you on this morning? Let us know below!

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  1. I need to make more time for podcasts because I always get so much out of them when I tune in. This is a great list for inspiration!

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  3. So sad that This is Your Life doesn’t have any new episodes 🙁 I’ve listened to pretty much all of them ^^;

    1. I know! Maybe we all need to send them an email and get them to start creating again 🙂

  4. Podcasts are definitely something I have been looking more into. These are some great recommends!

  5. To be honest, I have never before listened to a podcast! I would love to start, though, because I love that fact that you can listen while you work, basically. My first one would be How I Built This!

  6. I really struggle to get into podcasts. I can do videos of people talking but podcasting is something I haven’t quite gotten the hold of yet.

    1. Oh, interesting! I’m exactly the opposite. Haha! Maybe try listening when you’re in the car or on a walk etc. (Somewhere you can’t watch the screen) maybe that would help?

  7. These are awesome recommendations! I don’t listen to any of them at the moment but I’m headed over to download them asap!

  8. Honestly, I have never really listened to a podcast, but these seem interesting. I want to try out NPR and The Future of Work when I have the time. Working in retail, I think these podcasts would be vital for enhancing my career and/or work life.

  9. Super excited about this list! I love podcasts and I’m always on the look out for more to make my commute productive. One I’m really into right now is Ruth Soukup’s Do It Scared. For anyone starting a business online Online Marketing Made Easy is also fantastic.

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