How to Set Your Priorities and Get Things Done Now

Hey, friends! I hope you’re excited because we are about to get real this week.

Yep. In today’s podcast, we are talking about all things priorities. 

And more specifically, we are going to learn how to break through overwhelm, get our priorities straight, and start taking action.

Truth be told, this podcast was inspired by my own need for a refresher on the topic.

In short, I was having a hard time keeping my biggest priorities front and center.

With the school year officially started, I found my schedule much fuller than it has been over the summer (big surprise…) and I was telling myself that there is “too much to do.”

And what’s more, I was constantly looping the unhelpful thought that “there is simply not enough time in the day.”

Have you ever felt that way? Do you ever feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it?

How to Set Your Priorities and Get Things Done

If so, first of all, know that you’re not alone. 

And second of all, I challenge you to try on this incredibly powerful thought…

There is always enough time for what’s most important to you.

Really, it’s true.

There is always enough time for your top priorities.

Of course, the real secret is learning how to identify which priorities should be your top priorities, right?

And that is exactly what we explore in today’s podcast.



  • How you can get your priorities straight.
  • How to focus on what’s most important in your daily life.
  • Strategies to start taking action today.


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What are your favorite strategies to focus on your priorities? Does your schedule change with “back to school” or does it stay consistent all year? What is a priority that you’re focusing on right now? Let me know below!

34 thoughts on “How to Set Your Priorities and Get Things Done Now”

  1. My priorities seem to always be shifting. I’m a note taker. I have to have a list going to what needs to get done so I can prioritize them. That works best for me.

  2. You always have the best and such practical tips, Paula! I’d like to find a way to get your blog in front of a few people I know without hurting their feelings, lol!

  3. I am always saying this little nugget of truth to my husband and kids. I tell them they show what is important by what they make time for.

  4. I normally “try” to focus on what it’s on my agenda…but from time to time I have to focus on different family issues. When this happens I put the things to do into a priority list. This works for me 🙂

  5. I try to keep my schedule consistent all year but I have chronic health issues so when they act up i take time off

  6. Sometimes our priorities can get fuzzy and I need a refresher every once in awhile too! This podcast sounds amazing, definitely need to check it out!


  7. Definitely need to check this podcast out! Our schedule and priorities change a bit when school starts but one thing that helps me is planning and setting what my priorities are before I start the day!


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