Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams: Journal Prompt Week 2

Hi Friends! Are you ready for week two of our journal prompt challenge? Great! Let’s do this.

(If you missed last week’s prompt about courage, check it out here!)

For today’s prompt, I challenge you to think back in time to when you were a young child. Then, consider this very simple question:

“What did you want to be when you grew up?”

This might take a bit of mental digging. Chances are you wanted to “be” many different things when you were young.

That being said, I’m willing to bet there is one dream that stands out clearly in your mind. Or, perhaps there’s a handful of related ideas that all circle around one theme.

After you identify that childhood aspiration, ask yourself a few more questions including: “What made me interested in that dream?” And “How do those passions connect to my current life?”

how to rediscover your passions

Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on “where I am today” in terms of my job, my passions, and finding a work-life balance. And for weeks I’ve found myself returning to this same question: “What did I want to do when I was little, and why?”

Although it’s a simple question, it’s one that I hope you’ll consider today.

You see, in order to better understand your past, and how that past connects to who you are today, you need to remember what inspired you so many years ago.

If we can identify who we were as children… If we can remember what we loved and what excited us before the “I should’s” and the “I’m supposed to’s” became a regular part of our vocabulary, we can better understand what makes us tick.

Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams, Journal Prompt Week 2, diary, reflection, self discovery, inner peace, balance, calm, dream, self care, mindfulness

Because as crazy as it sounds, I’m willing to bet that there was a time when you believed that you could be anything you dreamed of, and those outer expectations held no influence.

I bet that at some point in your childhood, you didn’t have restraints. You didn’t face the responsibility of working toward a “realistic“ career that meets “societal expectations.”

Nope, if you wanted to be an astronaut, a professional tennis player, a veterinarian, or the first female president, there was no one there to tell you no. It was a time when anything possible.

Thinking back: my story

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I had a difficult time recalling these dreams at first. In fact, it wasn’t until I came across an old grade-school assignment that I had a sudden burst of recollection.

About a year ago, my parents drove out to visit my husband and I from Minnesota, and they brought several boxes with them. These were boxes of my belongings that – for one reason or another – remained at my childhood home. (Christmas presents too big for a carryon, wedding presents too fragile to ship, and special childhood “things” too precious to throw out.)

In one of the latter boxes, I found an assignment from fourth grade. We had to write a short story and draw accompanying pictures to go with each page. My book was called,  “The Great Adventure.”

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised to discover that my story was 36 pages long (the requirement was 4-6). You see, writing this book wasn’t “homework“ to me. It wasn’t a burden or hassle.

Rather, it was something that I loved. I lost myself in the writing, I drew picture after picture, and I enjoyed every minute of the process.

And what’s more, at the back of my book there was a “Meet the Author” section. We had to write a little bit about ourselves, and then talk about what we wanted to be when we grew up.

My answer? “An author or an artist.”

Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams, Journal Prompt Week 2, diary, reflection, self discovery, inner peace, balance, calm, dream, self care, mindfulness


When I read this answer the other day, it struck a chord for me. Because when I am at my happiest, and when the time flies by without me glancing at the clock, I am either writing content or dreaming up new creations to share with you.

And when I took some time to reflect on the aspirations of nine-year-old Paula, I realized those dreams of becoming an author and an artist are just slightly different versions of the blogging and creating I love today.

So if you’re feeling stuck, or you’re searching for your passion… If you’re lacking direction or a sense of fulfillment… Take a minute and ask yourself: “What did I want to be when I grew up?” “What did I love doing when I was 9 or 10 years old?”

By considering these simple questions, you might just discover a new passion or re-ignite an old one.

Need a reminder to reflect on this prompt for the week? I have you covered. Click below for three freebies! You’ll find a printable to hang in your office or on the refrigerator, a desktop wallpaper for your computer, and an image for your smart phone’s lock screen. Download them here and get started today!

Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams, Journal Prompt Week 2, diary, reflection, self discovery, inner peace, balance, calm, dream, self care, mindfulness

Tell me – what did you want to be when you were little? Do you see any connections to your life today? Let me know below!

24 thoughts on “Rediscover your passion through your childhood dreams: Journal Prompt Week 2”

  1. I remember that I wanted to invent things. I don’t do anything like that. I never seem to have ideas now. I do like writing, but never stick to one story. I tried smaller competitions, but all of those people are either teachers, working for a newspaper or real authors. Then I really wanted to be a model haha. Probably too old for that, too small, not a performer, either. No idea if I shall try and send some photos again… I also wanted to learn how to sing, but my mom never sent me to classes. You see: I am lost now. I don’t know where or even if I shall start…

    1. It sounds like you have some wonderful areas to begin! It looks like you’re blogging, right? Perhaps you could try sharing some short stories on there. Maybe by writing several short stories, you would find a thread that connects them together into one larger theme.
      And it’s never too late to learn how to sing! Do you have a local college or university near by? Check out their music department; I bet there are some students who would be willing to give voice lessons. It’d be a fun thing to try!

      1. Dear Paula, I am so glad for your Motivation! So far, I have not posted any stories though. I am still thinking about the effect it could have…
        Unfortunately not anymore! But yeah, I am sure there would be some teachers around in town honestly.

        1. Yes, it’s always a little scary to share our art/stories with others. I hope you can soon, though. It sounds like it’s important to you!

  2. I just love this idea! I think reflecting back on your childhood dreams can really help remind you about what you are passionate about. I always loved writing and wanted to be a writer, but did not get back into it until having a child of my own, when I started to consider what her dreams may be.

    1. I love this comment! Yes, we can learn so much about ourselves by reflecting on our childhood passions 🙂

  3. For me it was “an artist.” It’s taken a while to get back to creating but I’m so glad that I’m here. Writing is a bit different than coloring a masterpiece, but it is still all about creating something new and putting it out there into the world. Thanks for the great read!

    1. Yes – exactly! Dreaming, imagining, creating, and sharing that with the world is what really matters 🙂

  4. What a great question. I actually have pondered this a bit over the last couple months. I find it interesting that my blogging ties to interest I had even when I was a child and wanted to pursue in one way or another. Interesting how that works out. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it? It’s amazing how those passions and interests manage to stick with us through so much.

  5. This is a great prompt! Not just for journaling but for thinking! 🙂 I too wanted to be an artist, and in a way I suppose I am! Writing is art right?! Also, another part of me wanted to be an archeologist… Indiana Jones anyone? I suppose I kind of fulfilled that too! Does collecting children’s rocks and treasures count?!! Thank you getting me to be nostalgic today!

    1. I love that, Divya! It’s so great that you kept listening to that inner voice and got where you wanted to be 🙂

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