Three Tips You Need to Easily Increase Your Productivity

It’s here! It’s here! It is FINALLY here!

Friend, I have been planning, and preparing, and recording this podcast for months. 


And today it’s officially happening.


And I’m even MORE stoked that you’re tuning in to listen.

Back in 2017 when I launched my blog, I’m Busy Being Awesome, I knew I wanted to reach busy-awesome women who were chasing their biggest dreams.

I wanted to help incredibly driven goal-getters who wanted to up-level their productivity and time management so they could rock their to-do list and make time for fun.

And I wanted to spread the important message of practicing daily self-care.

For the last two years, I’ve been doing just that on both my blog and through social media. But as I’ve gotten to know you incredible readers over the last two years, I’ve realized that perhaps the best way for me to share these messages of productivity, time management, and self-care is through a podcast. 

Now, if you’ve been following along on this journey on any of my social media channels, whether it’s my blog, Instagram, or Facebook, you know how much I love podcasts.

They are so convenient for on-the-go, and they allow you to learn and grow at pretty much any time; they are perfect for driving to work, cleaning the house, making dinner, or working out.

And since I know you amazing readers are often bouncing from one task, activity, or meeting to the next, I wanted to make sure you could get this information as easily as possible.

And thus, the I’m Busy Being Awesome Podcast was born.

Get stoked, my friend. This is going to be fun.

Listen to the podcast here!



In this episode, you will discover…

  • Why I created this podcast just for YOU
  • 3 simple ways to increase your productivity
  • Practical strategies to incorporate these productivity tips
  • This week’s quote of the week all about productivity

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What is your favorite productivity tip? Have you been working on a big goal for a long time? I’d love to hear it! Share your tips, thoughts, questions, and ideas below!

24 thoughts on “Three Tips You Need to Easily Increase Your Productivity”

  1. Congrats on your podcast! My best productivity tip is to know when its better to walk away and come back later. I sometimes get so overwhelmed or burned out that my productivity tanks and I need a mental breather, I have learned just recently that it’s important to give myself the breathing room to refresh and then try again rather than to push through.

    1. YES! I 100% agree with you, Jenna. In fact, my podcast coming out on Monday is all about the importance of practicing daily self-care. 🙌

  2. Way to go! Can’t wait to listen to your pod cast. I could definitely use some tips to increase my productivity.

  3. I just started doing podcasts too, I’m so glad you are doing them so I can listen while I cook dinner! I’m excited to hear your tips for increasing productivity!!!

  4. hi! My fave productivity tip is to actually use a schedule, batch my time and set a deadline for each task. That’s how I’m able to run my business in under 25 hours a week. I don’t make things crazy complicated!

  5. I have definitely been working on goals for a while my biggest goal is to be able to provide for my family while doing what I love

  6. I am the most productive when I am alone. I usually wait till the kids are off at school or when I have a moment to myself to work on a project. This way I can focus better on the task at hand.

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