My Top Strategy to Organize Your To-Do List With Ease

Well, friend, we’re officially in August.

Back to school is in the air. The last few weeks of vacation are coming to a close. And work schedules are picking up steam. 

In short, things are about to get busy.

In today’s podcast, I’m helping us get ahead of the game by diving into all things organization. 

That way, when things do get busy, we’ll have our ducks in a row and we can take everything in stride.

We are going to do this today by focusing specifically on our to-do list.

My Top Strategy to Organize Your To-Do List With Ease

We talked a little bit about the importance of having a to-do list in the last episode. So many people simply rely on their brainpower to remember the different tasks they need to complete.

And while this might be okay for certain situations, studies have shown that for the majority of us, our memories struggle to remember more than three things at once. 

So if you have more than three things to do at any given time – and since you’re listening to this podcast, I’m guessing that you do – then it would certainly benefit you to not only maintain a to-do list but also to keep it organized. 

So that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

How to create and maintain an organized to-do list.

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In this episode, you will discover…

  • How organizing your to-do list will help you stay on top of your game
  • The best way to organize your to-do list
  • How to avoid to-do list overwhelm
  • This week’s quote of the week all about organization

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Are you ready for back to school? What is your top organization tip? Do you use a paper planner or an app on your phone? Let me know below!

20 thoughts on “My Top Strategy to Organize Your To-Do List With Ease”

  1. I am so ready for this time of the year, yes! To stay organized, I’m all about jotting down lists to cross them off and hold myself accountable for all the tasks I have to complete.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’ve been realizing how important it is to really have a plan every day. It can be overwhelming when it’s so much, but it’s a lot easier when you break it down to more manageable parts.

  3. Paper planners are the way to go for my to-do list and breaking those up into small tasks instead of getting overwhelmed by big projects. Can’t wait to listen to this podcast.

  4. I use a verity of techniques to make to do lists including google keep and my bullet journal. My main problem is losing motivation and unforeseen issues getting me off track.

  5. I’m awesome at making to-do lists, but I do have issues with prioritizing occasionally. Sometimes I do the easiest things first vs. the things that are more urgent.

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