Here’s Why You Need Self-Care Every Day


Alright, lady. It’s time for some real talk.

Be honest – do you make self-care a regular part of your routine?

Or, is self-care something you strive to include in your life, but you can’t seem to find the time?

Perhaps making time for self-care feels too “selfish” or “self-indulgent” when you have a family, job, friends, and other responsibilities on your plate.

Am I close?

While we might practice self-care every once in a while, I think many of us either don’t have the time, feel guilty about “indulging ourselves,” or both.

We pack our schedules with work, meetings, volunteering, and after-school activities. And if we miraculously find a moment of “downtime,” we feel guilty for spending it on ourselves.

And while this is an all-too-familiar situation for many of us, that does not make it okay. In fact, it’s a problem. 

So in today’s podcast, I’m here to help us take a step in the right direction and start incorporating self-care in our lives every day

Yes, you read that right. Daily self-care.

Tune in now and learn how!

Here’s Why You Need Self-Care Every Day

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In this episode, you will discover…

  • The importance of daily self-care
  • My strategy for practicing self-care every day
  • My approach to daily self-care
  • How you can incorporate self-care in your routine every day
  • This week’s quote of the week all about self-care

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How do you incorporate self-care in your routine? Do you ever listen to audiobooks? What is your favorite form of self-care? Let me know below!

50 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Need Self-Care Every Day”

  1. Self Care… Ahh… As a mental health counselor, I PREACH self-care and then often have to remind myself I, too, need to slow doen! To not feel the guilt. Thanks for writing this post!

  2. How Awesome, I’m always looking for more great podcasts to listen to!!! I have one as well, so I’m happy to support!

  3. I’m also a big fan of self-care! It’s important to listen to our bodies and minds when they need a little extra attention!

  4. I am very guilty of not practicing enough self care. My Mom loves audiobooks, I greatly prefer reading as it’s more interactive and doesn’t make me sleepy.

  5. I have a morning self care routine and when it doesn’t happen my whole day goes off the rails. Great tips!

  6. Now that both of my kids are in school full time I finally have time for daily self care. I’m so excited!

  7. Brittany Limberakis

    My self care always takes place outside. Even if I just sit in the backyard reading a book or go for a hike with no cell service and a good friend!

  8. I try to practice self care once a week. By either doing my makeup or dressing up as well as skincare fun!

  9. My favorite form of self care is yoga stretching followed by a bubble bath! Always sets me right when I am stressed. I live for my Audible subscription and listen to tons of audiobooks.

  10. Self-care is SO important. I try to do one or two little things for myself every week, but sometimes life gets very busy and I end up forgetting!

    Louise x

  11. I really love scrapbooking, but haven’t had much time to do it lately. However, I found a way I can incorporate it to a small degree more regularly and it’s been really fun and good for me to have more creativity in my life.

    1. I think it’s a particularly challenging one for moms to incorporate. I hope these tips help you start squeezing a little more self-care time in 🙂

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