Morning Routine Ideas – Get Out the Door in 20 Minutes Flat!

I’ve been on the lookout for efficient morning routine ideas recently. Traffic on my way to work can be nasty, so the earlier I can get on the road, the better.

I have gotten it down to 20 minutes flat – showered, hair washed, moisturized, make-up, and hair styled, all in 20 minutes. For me, that’s pretty good.

How to speed up your morning routine

Morning Routing Ideas: Get Out the Door Fast

What are my secrets? I have three of them, and they are all about minimizing.

The first step is make-up

Confession time; the way I stored my makeup/hair products used to be a bit…cluttered. I kept all of my makeup together in a cosmetics bag, and I threw all of my styling products in a drawer.

And though it resembled something akin to organizational chaos, in my compartmentalized mind, it made sense. This is what it used to look like.

Now, the reality is, unless I’m going out or attending a special occasion, I use the same handful of products every day. Nevertheless, I wasted valuable time digging through all of my products each morning just to find what I need.

Lightbulb moment – why don’t I just separate the two: the everyday from the everything else. This would save on search time, in turn, shaving off a few minutes from my morning routine, while also reducing stress-inducing clutter. It’s a win-win!

Don’t you love this little shelf organizer? Now everything has its place. Happy Paula.


The second incredibly easy trick to speed up your morning routine is to lay out your clothes the night before – and (this is keybe sure you’re actually going to wear them the next day. (This is much easier when you minimize your options.)

I am definitely guilty of putting on more than one outfit in the morning because I can’t decide what to wear.

What a time-suck!

By doing this little task the night before, you’re out the door that much quicker (the same holds true if you bring your lunch to work with you – pack it the night before).

Easy Hair:

My final time saver might not be for everyone, but it is certainly the most effective for me.

About a month ago I got fed up with doing my hair every morning. It is ridiculously thick, so the wash-dry-style shtick day after day just got old (plus it’s bad for the hair!)  So I went to my hair stylist, and I asked her to give me a wash-and-go cut.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Now I just towel dry, throw in some product, and I’m ready to go. (This is the stuff I like). If you’re not ready to make that leap, I still recommend talking with your stylist about getting the most manageable cut for your hair type. Why fight with your hair when you don’t have to?

And that’s it! Three easy steps to speed up your morning routine and get out the door in 20 minutes flat.


What are your tips to speed up your morning routine? I’d love to hear them! Let me know below?

44 thoughts on “Morning Routine Ideas – Get Out the Door in 20 Minutes Flat!”

  1. Great tips here, Paula. I take forever to get ready, but that’s mostly because it takes me a long time to orient myself after waking up! Thankfully, I now work from home most days, so not much of a problem anymore, That shelf looks super handy – will check it out.

    1. Thanks, Cyndi! And I can certainly relate to the morning fog 🙂 It’s so great that you can work from home most days; I bet that helps with the morning rush quite a bit.

  2. 21flavorsofsplendor

    I love that shelf organizer! Although I do not wear make-up everyday, when I do I hate digging through my bag and having to lay everything out on the counter. This will save me time and the the frustration.

    1. Haha, I guess it’s 20 minutes for me. I bet it would get you out of the door faster at least 🙂

  3. I always pick out my outfit for the next day the minute I get home for work. It’s just one less thing to have to worry about. I make sure the coffee is ready to auto start first thing too!

  4. I have asked for a wash and go cut SO MANY TIMES, but they tell me my hair won’t cooperate no matter what – ugh! I do love the idea of separating the makeup you use everyday vs everything today. Great tips!

    1. DO IT! It’s amazing how much more organized and efficient it is with such a little change.

  5. It’s crazy how much time picking out your outfit the day before can save!! I always like to sometimes shower the night before, put curlers in, and wake up to my hair all done.

  6. Great tips! I’ve sped up my morning routine by showering at night. I also lay out my outfit for the next day. And because I homeschool I don’t need to worry about makeup. I spend some time on devotions and reviewing my calendar and then I’m ready for my day.

    1. Those are great tips, Lexi! I love that you found time in the morning for devotions/and prepping for the day.

  7. So cute, I love all your little images! I don’t work out of the house, but with 6 kids, I need a fast morning routine. Setting myself up the night before has been a huge time saver.

    1. Yes! I can imagine with 6 kids you have very little time to yourself in the morning 🙂 I agree – prepping the night before is so helpful.

  8. These are some awesome tips! My problem is always the shower. The warm water when I’m still so sleepy just feels so good I loose track of time and just stand there for way too long hahaah!

  9. Great tips! So true about using the same products every day! I have everything thrown into a bag so I’ll have to rethink this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Absolutely! It’s amazing how much quicker things go when you don’t have to go digging through stuff you rarely use 🙂

  10. This tips are amazing Paula! It takes me ages to get ready in the morning… Some of it has a reason. I’m dealing with hair loss and need to wash with special products every day + extra treatments. So 20 in that will be just my shower… I’m trying to be faster at it though. I already have a dry a wash-and-go haircut, so that helps (still trying to find out which products work best on it though). But laying clothes the night before will definitely help me. I change clothes too many times bf actually picking smth and that’s a lot of wasted time. And I have the same issue with the make-up as you! Will separate them from now on. You just gave me motivation to time my morning routine! Let’s see how it goes 😀

    1. Yes – I was the same way! I would waste way too much time trying to decide what to wear. I hope the tips help; let me know how it goes!

  11. So much of what we waste time on in the morning can be a nice thing to add to an evening routine! Packing my lunch the night before and setting the coffee pot speeds up my morning a lot!

    1. Great tips, Amanda! Plus, it’s an added bonus to have fresh coffee waiting for you in the morning 🙂

    1. Yes – ME TOO! I had to start charging my phone in the bathroom at night so I wouldn’t waste to much time in the morning – ha!

  12. Paula! It’s always the simplest tweaks that make the biggest impact–thanks for sharing this reminder that will save us all a ton of time each morning. Happy weekend. 🙂

  13. These are great tips. I’m a big fan of laying out your clothes ahead of time and also for having a plan in place for breakfast because I get pretty hungry lol. Overnight oats, smoothies, or muffins baked ahead of time are my go-tos.

    1. Thanks, Jordan. YES! Planning breakfast ahead of time is key. Thanks for adding that. Overnight oats is my breakfast staple year-round 🙂

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