Why You Should Dream Big And Reach For Your Goals

Let’s talk about dreams today.

Why You Should Dream Big And Reach For Your Goals #inspiration #motivation #motivationmonday #girlboss #entrepreneur

Why You Should Dream Big And Reach For Your Goals

We all have dreams. We all have those incredible visions of an ideal life that warm our hearts and make us glow from the inside out.

For some of us, those big dreams are what fuel our energy each day.

They’re what pull us out of bed a few hours earlier than necessary so we can start making those dreams a reality.

For others of us, however, we tend to shove those dreams out of the picture. They sit just outside our tunnel vision waiting patiently for us to pursue them.

And while we know those dreams are there, we nevertheless remind ourselves to “be realistic” and “get our head out of the clouds.”

But why?

Why do we do this? Why do we settle for mediocre when the thing that truly lights us up inside is right there for the taking?

Most of the time, the answer is fear.

Why You Should Dream Big And Reach For Your Goals #inspiration #motivation #motivationmonday #girlboss #entrepreneur

Feeling Fear

Oftentimes we don’t dream big because we are worried about what people will think, and we’re even more afraid of what they’ll say.

We’re scared of failing and of not doing everything “perfect.”

We are afraid of disappointing others and ourselves.

I hear you.

In fact, I’ve been there. I was there for 10 years. And I still battle with these negative thoughts more often than I’d like to admit.

But today I’m here to remind you to shift that mindset.

As Elizabeth Gilbert tells us, it’s time to put fear in the backseat of the car and take control of the steering wheel once again.

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Start pursuing those things that bring you joy, and do it with your full heart. Tell the doubters (and there will be doubters) that while you appreciate their concern, you got this. They can join fear in the backseat.

Because today you’re finally digging deep, you’re listening to your heart, and you’re ready to make those dreams a reality.

You got this, lady. I believe in you.


What are your big dreams? What are the things that light you up inside? How do you silence those negative voices and focus on the now? Let me know below!

28 thoughts on “Why You Should Dream Big And Reach For Your Goals”

  1. Everyone needs that push. It’s the going out of our comfort zone that makes it hard. Thanks for the extra motivation this morning.


  2. This is exactly the motivation I needed this morning. I have my biggest contract ever coming up and I’m SO nervous and excited to step out of my comfort zone!

  3. Inspiring post! Thanks for the reminder to keep going for those big dreams! I’m working towards a coaching certificate this year!

    1. That’s incredible and so inspiring, Raina! Congratulations on working toward that huge accomplishment 🙂

  4. As you know I’m working on myself and I have to say I’m much happier and everything looks different when you’re positive and you have the right mindset. Nothing is impossible and we can do everything! My motto is “work hard, dream big and never give up”. Have a lovely day x

    1. That is a perfect motto; I love it 💞 And I’m thrilled to hear that shifting to a positive mindset has helped you. That is incredible news!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Amanda. Negative emails are never fun. But keep pushing through; you got this! 🙌

  5. I honestly thought about blogging for YEARS before I actually started. Fear is such a crazy thing. I’ve decided to let go and do everything I want to do!

    1. YES! It’s amazing how much power fear has over us, isn’t it? I’m so glad that you decided to dive in 🙂

  6. I really do need to shift my mindset. Sometimes I get so stuck on hearing “no” that I don’t give anyone the chance to say yes!

    1. It’s so easy to do, isn’t it? It’s amazing what a big change that shift in mindset makes, though 🙂

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