The Secret to Follow-Through – There is No Wagon

Many of my coaching clients have been focused on a similar issue over the past few weeks.

And because it keeps popping up everywhere, I’ve taken it as a sign that we need to do a deep dive into the topic for today’s podcast.

Because the truth is, I have a feeling lots of us are dealing with some version of the same issue.

And that issue is the struggle with follow-through.

But before we explore the challenges with follow-through, let’s first take a minute to talk about what the word follow-through even means.

What is follow-through? What do I mean what I say follow-through?

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, follow-through means “to press on in an activity or process especially to a conclusion.”

So in other words, follow-through is an action (or a set of actions) that you do in order to reach a conclusion, an end result, or a goal that you set for yourself.

Now, we follow-through with things all the time in our daily life. 

We follow-through when we cook meals from start to finish. We follow-through when we get ready in the morning. Perhaps you follow-through on an evening routine each night.

In other words, we have a lot of behaviors that are ingrained habits, which, because we practice them so frequently, are easy to follow-through.

The obstacle comes when we want to follow through on a task or a goal that is especially challenging, unfamiliar, or new.  

So, when we set a big goal for ourselves – whether that’s completing a project by a certain deadline, building your side hustle in the wee hours of the morning, losing a certain amount of weight, cooking meals at home every night, whatever it is that we find challenging –  it’s in those moments that follow-through becomes more of a burden. 

That’s when we start to struggle.

And the interesting thing is that oftentimes these are goals that we really want for ourselves. 

We want to build that side hustle. We want to lose the weight. And we want to use our calendar regularly. But for whatever reason, we struggle to follow-through. 

We struggle to maintain consistency.

We struggle to uncover the motivation we need to stick with it no matter what.

But why is that?

Why do we struggle to follow-through on the things that matter most to us? Why do we “drop the ball” on those big goals that we want to pursue?

Well, my friend, that is exactly what we explore in this week’s podcast. So be sure to check it out now!



  • What’s holding you back when it comes to follow-through
  • Common beliefs that we need to question
  • My top 5 strategies to make follow-through a non-negotiable in your life


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Do you ever struggle with follow-through? What is your top strategy to follow through on your plans? Let me know below!

46 thoughts on “The Secret to Follow-Through – There is No Wagon”

  1. This is such a relevant topic! For me, I Walsh’s have great plans and start out strong but it’s easy to find reasons why I abandon a project or constantly move change the timeline.

  2. I look forward to listening in! I have trouble following through sometimes, but it’s usually things I want for myself rather than what I commit to with others. Either way, follow through is a good thing!

  3. I can come up with great ideas all day long, it’s putting them into action that can be the challenge. Great way to look at this problem differently!

  4. I can wait to listen to this podcast! I know I have said it before, but I struggle with consistency right now and finding that routine. This keeps me from following through with things that need to be done!

  5. Such an important topic and one that makes a huge difference between success and failure. I am lucky not to struggle with follow-through, My issue is that I can get too narrow-focused on the end goal and miss interesting alternatives that are all around. I’ll be sure to listen to the podcast!

  6. Follow through is definitely something I’m struggling with now that my holiday workload is starting to pile up. Definitely tuning in to the podcast!

  7. I have trouble with follow-through because of time restraints. I have my plan ready to go, but then something else needs my attention. I guess distraction is the right word for my inability to follow through sometimes.

    1. I hear that, Tami. When we have a lot of demands on our time from many different directions, that can provide an extra challenge.

  8. I agree, follow through can be a big issue when it comes to big goals. I have found that breaking those goals into small do-able steps really helps.

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