Top 5 Secrets to Make Time Blocking Work for You

Alright, my friends…here’s the truth.

I’m in a little bit of denial that we’ve finished the first week of October already. It’s like the year is literally speeding up.

And based on the number of messages I’ve received recently looking for more time management strategies, I’ve realized I’m not alone.

It seems like we are all looking for a little more time in the day as we get closer to the end of the year. 

So with that in mind, I thought we would take another look at time management today, and more specifically, geek out on time blocking.

You see, while several of you have told me you love the practice of time blocking and that it’s helping you stay more on track, I’ve also heard from people who feel like they can’t quite get it right.

It’s like they set up their schedule for the day, and everything is laid out in perfect hour-long blocks, but then 4:00 rolls around, and they’re still stuck doing the 9:00 task.

And chances are if you’ve tried to follow time blocking before, you’ve experienced this scenario at least once or twice.

I know I have.

And let’s be honest – it can feel super frustrating.

Fortunately, there are several different strategies that you can implement to help you grasp the practice of time blocking and create a schedule that sets you up for success.

And those strategies are exactly what we’re talking about today.

Free Printable Time Blocking Templates

Before we dive into the details, however, I first want to share some awesome time blocking templates that I created just for you.

They’re an entire week’s worth of time blocking templates that you can print out and use over and over again to help you stay on track.

So if you want to grab your set, you can do so here! You’ll be rocking your to-do list in no time.

Alright, are you ready to dive into all things time blocking?!

Let’s do this.



  • How and why you might be struggling with time blocking
  • My top 5 tips to make time blocking work for you
  • How to implement these strategies and take action today


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What is your favorite time management strategy? Does the year seem to be speeding up for you, too? What is your biggest struggle when it comes to time management? Let me know below!

50 thoughts on “Top 5 Secrets to Make Time Blocking Work for You”

  1. I’m still working on time management, which will somewhat be resolved as my 9-5 job requirements ease off in a couple of months. Right now, it’s just not enough time to do things the way I’d like to. And occasionally I do get sidetracked by social media.

  2. Probably my problem is that I want to do so many different things at the same time. Working on it even if it isn’t always easy x

  3. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    Wow! This is really great! I might be needing this some time soon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Time blocking is such a great strategy…when I use it! My biggest struggle with time management is related to having enough hours in the day to do everything I want/need to do. And, yes, I agree – October is going by way too fast!

  5. Time blocking is my go-to time management skill and I can stick to it at work…….it’s when I get home that I struggle. I’m learning though. Thanks for the tips.

  6. My mindset is negatively affecting my goals and (lack of) accomplishments. I just listened to the podcast and am walking away with motivation regarding my mindest.

  7. Yes! why is it everything starts speeding up this time of year! Oh my goodness. I’ll have to check out your time blocker. I love functional planning!

  8. Saving this post right now! I have not been successful with planning how my time should me spent during the day. This makes it a struggle for my work schedule. Need to start officially blocking time out!

  9. Wow, this is great. Honestly struggling with time blocking I will definitely get your template. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  10. I just started with time blocking this summer. I’m loving the concept, it definitely helps me get through the days efficiently.

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