How to Reach Your Goals by Practicing Gratitude Ahead of Time

Hello, my busy-awesome friend! What’s happening? How are things going for you?

Things have been moving and grooving in the Engebretson household over the last few weeks, let me tell you!

The semester is in full swing. I’ve been coaching lots of new clients. And it is all SO. MUCH. FUN. 


In fact, my excitement and my feelings of gratitude for all of the different things unfolding recently is what inspired this post all about gratitude today. 

AND, because gratitude has been such a prominent practice in my mind recently, I’ve decided to make this a 2-part gratitude series. 

So this post is part one of the gratitude series, and part two will go live next Monday.

Practice Gratitude Ahead of Time

Now, I am a huge believer in practicing daily gratitude.

It was a game-changer in my life as I transitioned from graduate school to my career as a professor, and it’s been a major contributor to growing my life coaching business as well.

In fact, I believe that practicing regular gratitude – when done with intention – can completely up-level your life, and I am so excited to help you do just that with the next two episodes.

So this week we will explore the potentially unfamiliar concept of practicing gratitude ahead of time.

We will talk about how doing practicing gratitude ahead of time will help you stay focused and moving forward toward your goals even faster.

Then next week, we will talk about three other important gratitude practices including gratitude for what you have now, gratitude for others, and practicing gratitude for yourself.

Are you ready to start moving toward the next level of your life? Then tune in now!

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In this episode, you will discover…

  • The benefits of practicing gratitude
  • The importance of practicing gratitude ahead of time
  • How to practice gratitude ahead of time
  • How to use this skill to help you reach your goals

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Do you practice gratitude regularly? Have you ever practiced gratitude ahead of time? What impact has it had on your life? Let me know below!

48 thoughts on “How to Reach Your Goals by Practicing Gratitude Ahead of Time”

  1. I just love this! Gratitude can be so transformative. It’s been a huge focus of mine lately and I welcome any opportunity to learn and grow with it more.

  2. My aunt is a very grateful person and she does something almost exactly like this. Practicing gratitude ahead of time to reach goals is such a smart idea. I need to do this.

  3. Love this! Gratitude is so important and seriously makes such a big difference! I try to prioritize gratitude and make sure I’m counting my blessings!


  4. Practicing gratitude has made so much difference in my life over the past few years! I love this idea of doing it in advance. I do this some already but want to be more intentional about it. Your post is a great reminder!

  5. The key is practicing Gratitude with Intention!! You hit the nail on the head. Living a life on purpose and being open to the law of attraction is amazing!

  6. Paula, I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You are inspiring so many people! So glad I was able to stop in and see your latest post. Hugs!!!! 🙂

  7. Free gratitude workbook, too?! You are setting us up for success, Paula!! I love the idea of making gratitude a daily practice. As part of my faith it’s a big daily thing, but I always need the reminder to be more grateful!!!

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